• Aug 1, 2017


In order that the travel of animals on planes of the Polish airlines of LOT was comfortable and safe, our airlines apply standards of the International society of airlines (IATA).

Conditions of transportation of animals on the plane

We transport the following animals: polecats, dogs and cats as passenger baggage in salon or in the luggage compartment of the plane when performing the following conditions:
  • Animals who are transported have to have books of inoculations and relevant references from the veterinarian taking into account rules of the country of a departure, the country of destination and also transit ports
ATTENTION! Study the provisions of the European Union concerning a travel with animals.
  • Animals have to be transported in the cages corresponding to their weight and the size *
  • animal Weight, together with a cage, transported passenger salon, should not exceed 8 kg if weight is higher — animals are transported in a luggage compartment.

*priyemlemy sizes of cages (length/width/height):

B787 Plane 55/40/20 cm
B737 Plane 55/40/20 cm
DH4 Plane 45/30/20 cm
E70, E75, E95 Plane 45/30/20 cm
  • One passenger can take only one animal in a cabin of the plane (transportation of two little animals of one breed whose total weight together with a cage will not exceed 8 kg is allowed).
  • the Cage has to be rather big that the animal could stand, turn and lie freely in natural situation
  • should be declared transportation of an animal beforehand, at least 48 hours before a departure, during booking implementation.
  • Service paid, it is possible to pay at offices of booking and sales of the Polish Airlines of LOT or at offices of agents.
  • Quantity of animals who are transported by one plane is limited.

Payment of transportation of animals on the plane

Please, pay attention: the weight, admissible to transportation, is specified taking into account animal weight together with a container carrying.
Service Weight Internal flights Europe / Middle East USA/Canada/China
Small animal
up to 8 kg 50 PLN
12 EUR
15 USD
15 CAD
200 PLN
50 EUR
60 USD
60 CAD
280 PLN
70 EUR
100 CAD
100 USD
Average and small animal
up to 15 kg 90 PLN
23 EUR
28 USD
28 CAD
400 PLN
100 EUR
140 USD
140 CAD
600 PLN
150 EUR
200 USD
200 CAD
Large animal (AVIH) more than 15 kg 170 PLN
40 EUR
60 USD
60 CAD
800 PLN
200 EUR
300 USD
300 CAD
1200 PLN
300 EUR
400 CAD
400 USD
* To the cost of excess baggage on internal flights is a margin of 8% of NDS.
of the Price, specified in the table, do not include a service charge for service registration which depends on the place of registration of service.

the Service charge for registration of service at the airports of Poland

Payment at the airport Payment through Call Center
Transatlantic flights 70 PLN 48 PLN
International flights 65 PLN 40 PLN
Internal flights 45 PLN 30 PLN
ATTENTION! weight restriction does not extend To a seeing eye dog of the blind person, the cage is also not required. The dog has to be on a lead, it is possible not to muzzle. The person traveling with a dog - the conductor, has to have a muzzle with himself.
ATTENTION! to Passengers who transport animals as the unregistered baggage (PETC), places are not provided in the forefront.

We thank LOT Minsk Team for the provided information!

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