• Aug 29, 2019

Do you remember your, Human movies "Tutsi", "Some Like It Hot" and others with a similar plot? How sometimes your, Human, males change clothes in a women's dress as though treat other floor and vice versa – and at the same time adjust private life which was … well, not really before. And they learned it at Us, Animals.

 Cuttlefish of a photo

On a photo: an animal a cuttlefish about whom the speech will go below. Photo: google.ru

No, not at Horses – among ours such pretense is just not accepted. But such pereodevak occur among some Animals. And why Animals act this way, I can tell you.

Usually to convince a female that you the very best fine male, is enough to embellish a little of himself, to exaggerate qualities which are important for transferring to posterity. For example, males accept poses which allow them to look more and stronger, or raspushivatsya, spread a tail, etc. But what to do to those who is not the Most Abrupt male? To go on cunning!

And to get on the territory of a harem of the Most Abrupt male who brought together the Coolest little girls the Cunning male … changes clothes in a women's dress! For example, Cuttlefishes act this way.

Males of Cuttlefishes, as well as many other males, are aggressive to fellows and furiously battle for females. As a result the Most Abrupt male collects the Biggest harem which vigilantly protects. But the Cunning male is recoloured in color of a female Cuttlefish and freely gets to a harem, without causing any suspicions from its owner.

There the Cunning male changes clothes in men's wear again, finds the attracted female and actively looks after her. And if there "passes" by the head of a harem, the Cunning male will recolour the side turned to it in color of a female, and the party turned to a female will still look as a real man. This skill!

So Cunning males give the genes to posterity and promote a genetic variety of population of Cuttlefishes. The mind is not less important for future generations, than brute force – that at you, Chelovekov that at Us, Animals.

 the Bay horse bathes a photo

On a photo: I in person, and I do not need to embellish myself.:-) Photo : elsie-ru.livejournal.com

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