• Dec 13, 2018

to Attach kittens in good hands each half a year – business troublesome and tiresome therefore three years ago we decided to sterilize the Marchioness. Called the best veterinary clinic of the city and wrote down the ward on operation. To the appointed day carried the poor fellow on execution. The unfortunate animal whether had a presentiment of something bad, whether just badly postponed a trip, but at doors of clinic was already obvious on the verge of heart attack.

As We Sterilized Our Cat to Marquis

In the accident ward to policlinic of people and animals – countless multitudes. It seemed that urgent medical care was necessary for a half of animals in the city. Accurately, trying not to step on paws, tails and legs of visitors of clinic, I squeeze to a rack of the registrar, I explain what is appointed to us to ten. The careful aunty in a blue medical dressing gown it is sympathizing so answers that will not be able to accept us in the next 2-3 hours. Say, all surgeons are involved on the most difficult operation on rescue of the mastiff who was run over by a car, and planned operations move for an indefinite term.

Rescue of a mastiff – a noble cause therefore I reconcile to our fate and with doubt I examine the filled corridor, silently questioning, and to us what to do. The careful registratorsha kindly suggested to leave a cat on their care, previously having paid operation. By this time our Marchioness finally became stupid from abundance of new smells and sounds and behaved not absolutely adequately. There was no wish to leave her in clinic, but also to take away it home – too not the best option. Heart painfully clenched when I saw our lonely and defenseless kotofeyka who hid in the most far corner of a hospital cage. Her eyes which became absolutely round with horror were looked at the events. With tears in the eyes I left clinic.

As We Sterilized Our Cat to Marquis

Having arrived home, I began to regret for deeds. Feeling like the worst hostess in the world, I ask the husband to bring me back to clinic, for rendering the moral help to our kotofeyka. On what I receive resolute refusal and the earnest request not to disturb him the brilliant ideas during the near future.

In several hours the long-awaited call from clinic was distributed, and we rushed off to take away our Marchioness.
The nurse took out our ward from the operating room. It is necessary to tell that a cat right after operation – not a sight for the faint of heart. The small little body was wrapped up in a poponka, paws and the head powerlessly dangled, and open eyes took a broad view somewhere in eternity. "She died?" - I ask, feeling that I begin a hysterics. "No, everything is good. It just still did not depart from an anesthesia", – the nurse hasty became constant visitor. The fast and speaking glance which it exchanged with the doctor very much was not pleasant to me. The presentiment did not deceive. Our cat departed from an anesthesia long and painfully. In the first day the animal lay, practically without giving signs of life.

As We Sterilized Our Cat to Marquis

Marquis began to make Only next day unsuccessful attempts to rise, but paws did not obey. The weakened animal was again and again filled up sideways and lingeringly groaned.

Several days of Marquis could not descend in a toilet and practically ate nothing, only occasionally inertly drank water. Two days later after operation a cat, reminding the little zombie, tried to wander about the house, but constantly fell. It was visible that she did not understand at all where and why goes. In such condition of Marquis there was about a week. During this time we not once regretted that we gave it on sterilization, and despaired to see our favourite of former. But the young and healthy organism was gradually restored, and soon our cat recovered. However, about half a year more she pulled a back and strangenesses in behavior were observed, but also it passed eventually.

We promised not to give animals on sterilization from now on, but the destiny disposed differently. We were forced to sterilize also the second cat when she, despite excellent health, could not give birth to kittens. Early in the morning performed on her the emergency operation, and already by a lunch our charmer independently got up and quite surely a pokovylyala on kitchen, all look showing that it would be time for her owners to have conscience also: an animal since morning not kormleno. From operation the cat recovered very quickly and even the put term did not inform of a poponka. These "fashionable" clothes obviously irritated our zhivotinka, and she furiously tried to get rid of it, having turned sound fabric into pathetic tatters.

As We Sterilized Our Cat to Marquis

in order to avoid injuries, removed a poponka ahead of schedule, having made happy an unruly animal.

Today our kotofeyka are healthy and feel perfectly, and we are saved from need to look for "good hands" in which it is possible to attach their kittens. But, who knows, can our cats would like to feel joy of motherhood already inaccessible to them again.

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