• Apr 13, 2017


Before going to a trip with the pet, it is necessary to know rules of transportation of animals by different types of transport.


In transit pets in public transport you will need the following documents: the pet passport with marks about inoculations and the veterinary reference with survey of the veterinarian. The dog has to be surely imparted from rage not earlier than in two weeks prior to moving.

Small animals and birds require a cage or a special container. The large dog has to be in a muzzle and on a lead. Tickets for all are bought by the pet according to a tariff of carrier.


Is recommended to transport pets in a luggage carrier or in salon in a special container. Through border even if you go by own car, animals need to be transported in a cage or carrying.

When moving on RB chipping is not obligatory, but at trip abroad it is necessary, as well as the pet passport with marks about vaccination.

the  a cat by photo plane

Before a departure when you reserve tickets, surely it is necessary to warn airline that you fly with an animal.

In transit air transport general rules approximately identical. So, for example, usually the carrier estimates animal weight what the tariff is formed of and the place where will place your pet is defined.

Small it is possible to take in salon as hand luggage, but the amount of carrying at the same time is stipulated by each airline.

U of some exists the rule that onboard (in salon) there have to be no more than 2 animals. I.e. if 2 passengers who already booked tickets carry with themselves on one cat or a dog, your pet, even the smallest, will send to a luggage compartment.

From the rule of transportation of concrete airlines you can will get acquainted here.

the Train  a dog on the railroad of a photo

In the train it is possible to transport no more than two small pets or birds in all cars (except sleepers and cars of the increased comfort). Obligatory at itself to have veterinary documents — the passport and the veterinary reference.

Small pets and birds are transported in boxes, baskets, cages, containers no more than 200 centimeters in size and up to 20 kg. on the paid luggage kvatation. Transportations have to be safe and be located on the places intended for placement of hand luggage.

Large dogs (it is higher than 50 cm in withers) have to be in muzzles and on a lead. They can be transported in baggage cars. Such travel is paid for the price list of transportation of baggage — that is for kg. weight.

It is possible to sweep in a separate compartment (but no more than two dogs), it is only necessary to pay all compartments entirely.

In local trains there is an opportunity to be passed in platforms (at their existence) or in specially intended places. Usually the cost of transportation is equal to a half of the human ticket. But for cleaning here, in case of trouble, you answer.

The person has to accompany a large dog 16 years, and breeds from the list of potentially dangerous — only full age are more senior.

If at you two and larger dogs, the preliminary application is required. You will be carried in separate cars under lease.

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