• Dec 25, 2018

Recently found ancient DNA helped scientists to open a sad story of extinction of the large not flying birds. Once these representatives of birds lived in the territory of New Zealand, occurred it even before appearance of the person . Further among locals there was a legend about surprising animals whom they called "pouv". Thanks to modern researches, zoologists confirmed the New Zealand legend of the died-out bird.

What the Legend Occurring among Residents of New Zealand Speaks About

the Ancient legend about "pouv"

Distinctive External Features of a Species of the Died-out Bird

Aboriginals of New Zealand from generation to generation give a legend about "pouv". There is this legend among tribes of Maori who to these live in the New Zealand mountains. Unusual birds differed large in the sizes, black plumage and lack of ability to fly. The authenticity of similar stories is always called by modern scientists into question. Researchers consider that they of a pouv represented the ordinary black swans who reached on the lands of New Zealand from Australia, having crossed through the Tasman Sea.

Modern researches

Despite doubtfulness of the legend, zoologists confirmed a legend of New Zealand died out to a bird. Researches were conducted by the scientist of the University of Otago Nicholas Roulens and his colleagues.

According to scientists, such bird really existed and lived on lands of New Zealand before appearance of people here. Results of the made experiments were published in the scientific magazine Proceeding.

research Course:

  • collecting remains of ancient birds (39 samples) which were found by archeologists during the excavation which is carried out in the territory of Chatham;
  • allocation from remains of DNA samples;
  • comparison of the fragments selected by DNA with genomes of 47 black swans living in New Zealand now.

Where the Died-out Birds of a Pouv Lived

Results of the made experiment showed that a pouva really existed and were a separate look which appeared on Earth about 1.5−2 million years ago. And also zoologists managed to find out that ancient birds got on the New Zealand lands from Australia, the island Chatham became the habitat. In addition, Nikola Roulens could restore shape of the died-out birds partially.

That is remarkable, that the died-out copy was much larger than present black swans (their weight exceeded modern views of 20−30%). It is possible to refer short wings and long legs because of what the bird could not fly to other distinctive signs of a pouv.

In What Century and where the Died-out Birds of a Pouv Lived

The paleontologic chronicle showed that not flying died-out birds died out approximately in the middle of the XV century . According to preliminary data, people who began to inhabit the earth of the island hunted ancient birds and used their meat in food. Because of it there was also an extinction of a look.

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