• Feb 28, 2019

Long time many people including scientists-cynologists, considered dogs unreceptive to color scale. Disputes in this respect do not cease and today. But whether so it? Whether really the dog world is sad and black is white? The modern science will tell whether dogs have ability to distinguish colors.

Whether Dogs Have Ability to Distinguish Colours

In a retina of an eye allocate 2 types of cages: flasks which are responsible for distinction of flowers, and the sticks influencing perception of lighting and dynamics of an object. The person in an eye of flasks has 3 views: he perceives combinations of red, blue and green colors. In an eye of dogs there are flasks perceiving only 2 colors — blue and yellow.

But this fact is with interest compensated by the surpassing viewing angle and much bigger quantity of the cages sticks allowing to see in the conditions of bad illumination.

The Description of the Structure of Eyes at a Dog

It is possible to apply the term "daltonism" to absolutely healthy dogs . Daltonism of one of the main types: red-green. These 2 colors for them — gray with shades. The irony consists that producers of toys for dogs do them in the mass of cases red.

So should not be accused of a lack of powers of thinking of the pet who ran by a red ball in a green grass — he just did not see it. By the way, other typical violations of color perception at dogs were not revealed.

Sight of Dogs

Many can object — the dogs living in the cities, especially vagrant, distinguish traffic light signals. It hardly. to Them it is enough to to see what one after another the lamp lit up and also it are necessary to be guided by surrounding people they or cross the road.

Thus, it is possible to claim safely — of a dog distinguish colors , though not all. Their world not black-and-white, just is a little bit quieter than human violence of paints.

it is with interest compensated to

I by other feelings — snow under pillows of paws, a smell разнотравья during run, rustle of some spugnuty potential production, and, of course, tender touches of the owner.

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