• Nov 14, 2018

Those who decided to get to themselves an unusual pet — a raccoon have to think properly whether it is necessary for them or not. Contents will not be something superheavy, but a raccoon-poloskun very restless animal therefore there can be some problems. But people who early did not look after pets should not get such small animal. This pet requires 3 times more attention and careful supervision. Therefore it is necessary to understand what to do surely to be present at his life and to train.

How to Get on with a Restless Raccoon?

What to get to a raccoon?

If in the yard there is an open-air cage, then it is necessary to provide given the site to a raccoon as there will be less problems if it has own free space. Before bringing the pet in the house, it is necessary to get a lodge and also a capacious cage in pet-shop. For a raccoon as for cats and dogs, it befits to get a tray and a bowl for food. Schooling of an animal to a tray does not differ from cats. This animal got the nickname "poloskun" because of great love to bathing. Therefore if there is an opportunity, then it is necessary to provide it a separate basin with water which needs to be changed regularly.

the Polluted water they hate



  1. Small cut pieces of meat or low-fat fish
  2. Cottage cheese and boiled eggs
  3. Natural food (lizards, frogs, various grains)
  4. Nuts
  5. Any fresh fruit (periodically feeding them from hands, it is possible to gain quickly the confidence of a raccoon and to become his friend)
  6. Vegetables (cabbage, carrots)

How to Get on with a Restless Raccoon?

As well as the majority of animals, raccoons it is necessary to take aged from 6 up to 7 weeks. As the animal, the more difficult him education and retraining is more senior. It will be in advance useful to lock bedside tables and cases as curious raccoons put the muzzle in any crack. It is worth accustoming the pet to team it "is impossible". It is not recommended to keep raccoons in one room with other animals and children age less than 6 years.

As the small animal is wild, in most cases he leads a nocturnalism, from this it is clear that it is necessary to be ready to early rises for any of several reasons. To try it can be avoided by means of day or evening walks with a raccoon. For this purpose it is possible to buy a collar and a lead. Still he is a true destroyer. Everything that will get to this predator will be torn, torn apart, thrown off, and buckets with garbage will be turned. Therefore in habitats of a raccoon it is possible to nakidat a little garbage, papers, unnecessary toys and rags.

the animal should have no

access to electric wires, it is worth paying special attention to them and sharp, dangerous objects.

How to Get on with a Restless Raccoon?

You should not be frightened during rutting at a raccoon when it observes strongly expressed aggression and a loss of appetite. The pet can lose up to 2 kilograms in weight. The organism of an animal needs time for adaptation to a situation, climate. Then the raccoon will start over again consuming food in the necessary quantities and will quickly return weight. At due leaving the raccoon-poloskun can live in house conditions from 13 to 23 years. The raccoon will be nothing it is worse than other pets and will concede nothing to them if to look after him as it is ought.

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