• Aug 29, 2019

You, Cheloveki, often are proud of the intelligence and consider that at Us, Animals, it is developed absolutely not so. Like, we have no ability to think abstractly, to generalize and think of the past and the future. And supposedly these abilities are given you from the birth. But whether so it?

 Bay horse and person beautiful photo

On a photo: I in person and my Person. Photo : elsie-by.livejournal.com

Among you, Chelovekov, is one clever companion, neuro - psycho - the ravine (what it meant) by nickname Oliver Saks. And he studied Chelovekov which do not hear (or from the birth, or deafs became in the course of life). Also he found surprising piece.

It turned out that if the deaf child lives in family of the hearing parents, but they at the same time pay him not enough attention, do not learn a sign language and communicate with a detenok a little, this child grows up with intelligence … well, I will not tell how at the Animal, not to me to judge, but with something similar.

For example, even at adult age such Person will live in the present, without being able to think of categories of the future and past. Abstract concepts will be inaccessible to it. As well as generalizations.

And it not Mowgli which grew among animals! This is Cheloveki which lived in society similar.

So – whether so our, animal intelligence differs from your, human? In any case, whether this notorious intelligence is given you, Chelovekam from the birth?

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