• Jan 23, 2019

Hedgehogs in nature meet quite often, but very seldom they can be seen as pets. It seems that the ridiculous attractive face and amusing habits are capable to cause only joyful affection. But when the animal appears in the apartment, it becomes clear that with the advent of a small animal inevitably there are also problems.

How to Support a Hedgehog

Acquaintance to hedgehogs

These animals are found all over the world. They are omnivorous, their body is covered with the renewed prickles which about 10 thousand pieces. Hedgehogs lead a nocturnalism. The size of such animals is from 12 to 45 cm, weight is equal to 0.3 — 1.5 kg.

the following species of hedgehogs are suitable For contents in house conditions:

Contents a Hedgehog in the House

  1. Big-eared — the smallest, their height is no more than 22 cm. Feature are the sticking-out ears up to 5 cm high
  2. The dwarfish African. They do not indulge in hibernation and quickly get used to the person. Such hedgehogs meet as pets most often and perfectly adapt to accommodation conditions in the house, have different colors of wool and prickles.
  3. Ordinary (forest). These animals live in the wild nature.

Necessary conditions

Before buying a hedgehog, it is necessary to understand what is required for his contents in house conditions.

It is necessary:

Species of Hedgehogs

As in the House to Keep a Hedgehog

  1. To lodge the pet in a spacious cage or the open-air cage, otherwise, running freely on the house, he will spoil furniture, footwear, to spoil everywhere and to mark the territory.
  2. To cover a floor in a cage the absorbing wood filler or sawdust.
  3. In a cage to put straw (fur) of which the hedgehog will make to himself a mink.
  4. Once in 1 — 1.5 weeks to the dwelling of the pet to carry out cleaning.
  5. To make to an animal a drinking bowl, where to pour fresh water, to put a wheel for maintenance of physical shape and games, a bowl for food.
  6. When feeding to consider that a hedgehog — nevertheless a predator. He mainly eats food of animal origin. As a forage it best of all will suit the worms bought in pet-shop or in poultry market, crickets, lizards, insects and also a turkey. To diversify food, it is possible to give vegetables and fruit puree, bread. It is better not to give the products containing lactose: they can cause problems with a stomach. In order to avoid obesity the animal needs two times food.

Good care will be provided to a hedgehog by life expectancy up to 10 years.

of Complexity of stay in the house

Before lodging in the house of the hedgehog who is especially found on the street it is necessary to consider everything well. With stay it in the house can appear problems:

What to Feed a Domestic Hedgehog with

  1. These animals under natural conditions eat drop and are potential carriers of various diseases, including rage, plague.
  2. Aggression to the person from a wild hedgehog is possible.
  3. As hedgehogs treat night animals, in the afternoon they sleep, and with nightfall become active. It brings to the people living in the apartment, certain inconveniences as the rustling and stamping pets significantly interfere with the process of a dream of owners.
  4. To accustom an animal to use a tray for a toilet as it is done by cats, it is possible, but it is necessary to have patience.
  5. After walk about the room and before return of a hedgehog to a cage it is necessary to examine his pads and to delete from them fibers, other garbage that dangerous sores did not develop.
  6. It is impossible that the animal walked about near available wires. It can have a bite them.
  7. The animal needs to cut claws or to file them a manicure file that they did not grow into paws, otherwise surgical intervention will be required.
  8. By the end of fall of an animal plunge into hibernation. Prior to the beginning of such period they need to gain vigorously weight, so and it is necessary to feed them before winter more. The place for hibernation of the pet has to be equipped in the cool room (a loggia, a balcony).

of the Solution of problems

If the hedgehog is picked up on the street, he should be shown to the veterinarian to avoid possible diseases.

it is possible to Win against night wakefulness of hedgehogs in two ways:

  • it is necessary to feed an animal only in light hours of day with the purpose to accustom him to a day way of life, then the pet will rustle in the afternoon;
  • to put its cage far away from the bedroom, then foreign sounds will not interrupt a dream.

Features of Keeping of Hedgehogs

It is necessary not to allow in house conditions of approach of hibernation at hedgehogs if they weigh less than 800 g as it badly affects health of animals, they can even die. To interrupt its dream, the pet needs to be wrapped up a towel, to put nearby a bottle with warm water. It is required to create the room temperature at which at it the deep sleep will not come.

It is necessary to buy hedgehogs from professional manufacturers or in pet-shops. The animals bought there become domestic quicker, and the hedgehogs who appeared and grew in room conditions get used to people quicker and cause less problems.

It is very interesting to watch these small animals, especially when they manual and freely make contact. And to decide on what is delivered more by a domestic hedgehog: problems or joy, everyone will be able. And if difficulties of maintenance of this animal in the apartment do not frighten the people living in it, it is quite possible to buy such nice small animal.

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