• Mar 10, 2019

of the Dog are devoted pets who become attached to the owners, accompanying them day and night. The conducted researches allowed to establish the nature and motives of actions of these animals. All pets are individual, but some of their actions are explained by social behavior model. It became known why dogs accompany the owner in a toilet, without leaving the person for a minute.

Why Dogs Accompany the Owners in a Toilet

of the Dog — gregarious animals

Dogs in the Ancient Time

Dogs in the ancient time, still before they were tamed by the person, lived at liberty in small packs in which there was a leader and several animals who are in hierarchy is one step lower. Such prepotent individual was free in all the actions, the first starting a meal the caught production. Even today, when from the moment of domestication of wild animals there passed hundreds of thousands of years, pets had habits which are explained by their social way of life.

of the Dog often perceive the person as the leader therefore they implicitly execute his commands, following him close. Huge dogs and small house breeds will always accompany the owner, even waking up for this purpose in the middle of night. Such circulation on heels is some kind of duty for the pet who will always and everywhere be together with "leader".

the Security instinct at pets

For many thousands of years of a dog were used by the person only of as security animals . They ensured safety of the dwelling, driving away large predators, warning owners about danger. In the subsequent specially removed breeds protected the cattle and helped the person of a mouth of sheep and cows. Even today often such pets live in rural areas in the house adjoining territory, carrying out, in fact, the same work, as their distant ancestors thousands years ago.

the Best security breeds:

Security Instinct at Pets

  • Rottweiler.
  • Central Asian Shepherd Dogs.
  • Caucasian sheep-dog.
  • The Moscow sentry.
  • German shepherd.

Animals, even living in the apartment or the private house, do not lose the instincts, at the subconscious level protecting and accompanying all family members .

Even at night, once the person is roused, the dog right there wakes up, following the owner close. Such security instinct is peculiar to one and all breeds of pets regardless of their size and features of habits of a dog.

Puppies are often extremely curious therefore they do not depart from the person for a second.

Day and Night the Pet Will Follow the Owner on Heels

Day and night the pet will follow the owner on heels, and once you close a door, the pet begins to whine and ask to let in it the room . The similar behavior is characteristic not only of puppies, but also of adults huskies, лаек and other sociable breeds.

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