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This article will help you to learn to feed correctly a kitten, to count a food allowance, not to give junk food.

What dangers trap kittens at a bowl?

  • unbalanced food

The wrong feeding influences growth and development of the kid, leads to outer defects and internal problems, and at times even by a lethal outcome.

  • badly picked up food

The incorrect choice of ready-made feeds, the natural food causing allergic reactions — all this too negatively affects the growing organism.

And it is still important not to forget about the certain mode of feeding other than the schedule of an adult cat.

More than 30 Products — the Table than Are Possible and What It Is Impossible to Feed a Kitten with

Mode of feeding of a kitten

For a start it is important to understand WHEN to enter a feeding up and how often to feed a kitten. You, of course, can be guided on a hungry look of a kitten, but it is better not to awake in it an animal, and in 3-4 weeks after the birth to begin to feed up the kid gradually.

To 4 weeks age it is necessary to develop the stable schedule of meal.

The kid has to receive additional feeding of 4-7 times a day.

But there are stalemates when additional feeding is necessary for kittens much more often.

How many once a day to feed a kitten:

  • age up to 2 weeks – 10 times a day (with capture of night);
  • feeding of a monthly kitten – 8 times a day (with capture of night);
  • 1 — 2 month — 7 times a day (night is already excluded);
  • 2 — 3 months — 6 times a day;
  • 4 months — 5 months — 5 times a day;
  • 5 — 9 months — 4 times a day;
  • 9 — 12 months — 3 times a day;
  • feeding of kittens age of 1 year becomes two times (for example, 9:00 – 21:00).

How many food to give to a kitten:

  • Age 1 week – 30 ml on 100 гр kitten weight;
  • 2 weeks – 38 ml on 100 гр kitten weight;
  • 3 weeks – 48 ml on 100 гр kitten weight;
  • 4 weeks and the subsequent – 48-53 ml on 100 гр kitten weight.

How many in day the kitten has to receive forages?

Of course, it is easy to calculate norm of a forage on already offered positions, but we will facilitate a task and we will give several figures:

  • In 1.5 months the kid needs about 120 grams of food a day;
  • We feed a two-month kitten more – 160-180 grams a day;
  • During active growth (3 months – 6 months) day norm of a forage of 180-240 grams, at the same time meat not less than 40 grams;
  • The six-month-old kid needs about 180 grams of food a day;
  • In 10-12 months, the period when the activity of a kitten decreases, the day norm of food is 150-200 grams.

with What products can feed a kitten

Remember that that food which you put in a kitten bowl should not be hotter at all or cold. Optimum, if food is room temperature.

It is important to remember consistence of food – better if the first portions are kashitseobrazny, not containing firm pieces. The blender or an ordinary grater will help with house conditions in it for vegetables.

So, than to feed a kitten:

  • Meat. It can be crude, boiled, exposed to frost and scalded. 60-80% of a daily diet of a kitten are the share of low-fat meat. What meat suits a kitten – see the table below;
  • Liver. Time in 1-2 weeks is offered;
  • Kashi. In pure form the kitten will hardly become interested in them, but addition of meat or vegetables in a root changes business. Mix porridges with meat in a proportion 1:2;
  • Vegetables. Fresh or boiled;
  • Eggs. What is eaten by kittens from egg? Only yolk. In the raw it is useful to give a yolk to a kitten once a week. Pay special attention to quail eggs – they are very useful and quail it is possible to give entirely, without separating squirrels from a yolk;
  • Fermented milk products with low fat content;
  • Beer yeast;
  • Oil. Experts recommend to refrain from vegetable oil, having replaced it vaseline.
What to feed with

a monthly kitten (up to 1 month)

The full kitten or sleeps peacefully or quietly sucks a cat. And here if kittens creep around mother, refuse a nipple, peep and are enough the stretched finger - it is signs that the child wants to eat.

With what to begin a feeding up or full feeding of the week pet?

Prepare a small bottle with a pacifier, the pipette or the syringe without needle and the special mix designed to replace cat's milk for a week kitten.

Here several simple recipes – with what to feed little kittens in house conditions:

  1. A crude yolk of egg + a floor of liter of the concentrated milk
  2. Dry yeast (2.5 гр) + powdered whole milk (15 гр) + whole cow's milk (50 гр)
  3. The hard-boiled egg + the beaten egg egg white + vegetable oil (1 гр) + glucose (4 гр)
  4. Half of an egg yolk + corn oil (teaspoon) + whole milk (50 ml)

These and other recipes will be useful and in case the kitten grows without cat mother and (correctly), his feeding completely lies on you.

with What products cannot feed a kitten

  • Dry or damp feed. In this question there is no unanimity, count on own prudence and an intuition. Therefore here we put a question mark —?
  • Cow's milk. It is better to replace it goat – it not so fatly for digestion of the kid. If goat it is impossible to get, then for absolutely little kittens in pet-shops it is possible to buy special powdered milk
  • Fermented milk products with high fat content
  • Fish. In principle, kids cannot give fish at all, but theoretically sea fish is not mean. Under a ban freshwater, especially crude as she provokes formation of an urolithic disease and can become a source of infection with worms
  • Salt, spices
  • Sausages
  • Potatoes are not acquired at all by a stomach of a domestic cat therefore it is not given in no shape or form
  • Bean. Soy, peas, haricot are not acquired by intestines and as a result we get swelling and fermentation in intestines
  • Cheese – because of its fat content
  • Pork
  • Sweets
  • Chocolate. Specifically this sweet contains theobromine, the poison causing severe poisonings, death in cats
  • Flour
  • The mixed food is harmful to kittens

Can give to a kitten — the table of products

whether there is no there is no there is no there is no there is no there is no there is no there is no there is no there is no there is no
Product Can give to a kitten
of Broccoli yes
Buckwheat yes
Baby food yes
Kefir yes
Adult cat food
Semolina porridge
Carrot yes
Porridge yes
Cucumber yes
Liver yes
Tomato yes
Rice yes
Fermented baked milk yes
Sour cream
Soup yes
Crude meat yes
Cottage cheese yes
forcemeat yes
Apple yes
Egg yes

of Feature of a food allowance on months

Features of feeding of a kitten age 2 — 4 months

To this age at a kitten teeth were already cut through and it is time to transfer its to autonomous food, accustoming to eat and drink independently from pans. Growth of a kitten very active, his skeleton is formed and becomes stronger, the GIT is finally formed. What to feed a kitten in 2 months with? Food of the kid has to be most vitaminized and is especially rich with protein.

Features of feeding of a kitten age of 4 — 6 months

In it age the kid actively puts on the weight therefore it is necessary to watch that the basis of a diet was made not by(with) the products which are postponed in fat, and those that increase muscle bulk.

The jaw at the kid was already created also meat pieces, a beef or chicken offal can be given not processed, and cut on pieces. What else is eaten by kittens at this age? It is recommended to add fermented baked milk or yogurt to low-fat fermented milk products step by step.

Features of feeding of a kitten age of 6 — 10 months

During this period the daily number of feedings actively decreases. Growth of a kitten becomes not such noticeable, but his flavoring preferences already appear. Do not indulge cat's whims and do not give to the teenager the forbidden products and food from a table. At this age it is already possible to treat the pet with low-fat sea fish from time to time.

of the Consequence of improper feeding

Healthy nutrition of kittens = future health of a cat.

We not without reason at the beginning of article focused attention, on how it is important that the kitten received the balanced food.

Violation of balance of useful substances (minerals, vitamins and so forth) leads to serious problems with health of an animal:

  • Diabetes

At kittens so-called juvenile diabetes is sometimes noted. There are individuals genetically predisposed to it therefore you do not awake dashingly and do not provoke manifestation of a disease improper feeding

  • Cat's avitaminosis

— the shortage of vitamin E (tocopherol) leads to deterioration in qualities of wool, irreversible changes of muscles and development in the future infertility.

— the shortage of vitamin C undermines the immune system, can lead to a disease of a scurvy;

— vitamin D is responsible for calcium-phosphorus exchange and interferes with development of rickets;

— the deficiency of vitamin A leads to violations of digestion and development of reproductive organs.

  • Allergy
  • Poisonings

As we already wrote above, there are products which literally are poison for a cat (chocolate, onions, garlic). And it is good if the liquid chair is the only and quickly stopped poisoning symptom. Often the use of the mentioned products can become fatal to the pet.

Certainly, it is not all list of the problems threatening to the kid, but the main positions we allocated.

Ready kitten food

With what it is better to feed kittens – dry feeds or natural food? Difficult question. To feed with ready-made feeds of a kitten or not to feed – not one year Shakespearean passions boil. Probably, if to assume that good and responsible producers put in a jar or a package of a forage all necessary minerals, minerals, vitamins and additives, then feeding by ready-made feeds takes place to be, moreover, it facilitates life to the kitten owner. And reviews of veterinarians of such feeding in house conditions positive.

But if you choose as such light - option, then are simply obliged to learn several important rules:

  1. The main rule is called "Or-or". Either ready-made feeds – or natural feeding. It is impossible to mix. Absolutely it is impossible. Even a droplet it is impossible! Natural food and ready are digested differently. The first is acquired and without plentiful to be drunk, and on digestion of a dry feed a lot of moisture without which does not begin ферментолиз is required. If to change food types, then the stomach and intestines of a kitten will not manage to be reconstructed and as a result — hello, a gastroenteritis, копростаз (impassability of intestines) and other troubles
  2. Whether it is possible to give to a kitten only of one sterns? It is necessary! Having chosen ready-made feeds for a kitten, do not change his (sterns) for another. At each brand the blend and the balanced structure. Doing cocktail of forages, we risk to bring an imbalance and as a result we will receive at a kitten a strange picture on calcium, say, or on amino acids
  3. Do not buy to a kitten food of the massmarket level — only specialized kitten food and only the most high-class (холистик, a super-premium, a premium class stern). The fact that below – not food, but fast food, except problems these bright and cheap jars will bring nothing

Diets for kittens from Eukanuba Puppy &amp enjoy deserved popularity; Junior Small Breed, Hill’s Science Plan Puppy & Kitten, Size Nutrition Mini Junior Royal Canin and many others.

But if with elite sterns a picture clear, then forages a super-premium or a premium class demand more careful analysis. Let's consider on several examples.

Dry feeds for kittens

Almo Nature a dry feed for kittens

This dry feed is very close to V.I.P-kormam. At the heart of this Italian diet meat of chicken and its derivatives. 53% fall to the share of animal protein, another 14% are not allergenic fig.

There is not a lot of shortcomings at this forage – only the high, perhaps, price.

The best price in online store the Old Farm.

Kitten food of a super-premium class Acana

Today Acana offers dishes with three tastes:

  • chicken;
  • fish;
  • lamb.

Advantages of the Acana kitten food:

  • Balanced diet
  • Absence grain in structure
  • Lack of dyes and artificial additives

Shortcomings of the Acana kitten food:

  • Narrow line of tastes
  • Lack of preventive diets

To buy a forage on Zoopassage.

the Dry feed of Royal Canin for kittens

The premium class in food of a kitten is the best of the worst and it is important to remember that the lack of a prefix "super" says that the quality of forages of this type is softly told "not really". But let's be objective.

Advantages of the Royal Canin kitten food:

  • Low price;
  • Veterinary ruler;
  • Wide flavoring range;
  • Availability on sale.

Shortcomings of the Royal Canin kitten food:

  • Low quality;
  • Doubtful structure;
  • The producer, the Mars company, specializes in sterns the house-keeper of a class. It is a hint.

Video about the correct feeding in house conditions

Damp forage and canned food

It is considered that the damp forages consisting for 80% of water suit more kids as they are completely acquired in a stomach and do not injure a gullet.

Remember that canned food also teach it is necessary to keep in the refrigerator, but before giving – by all means to warm up. The uneaten damp forage needs to be removed in the refrigerator before the following feeding again.

What damp forages are in demand for owners of cats and cats?

Damp forage of Bosch Sanabelle

This forage of a super-premium class is manufactured in Germany. It differs in very well balanced structure – 35% of protein (and almost everything animal origin), 7% of mineral additives.

We will carry to advantages of Bosch Sanabelle:

  • Worthy quality;
  • Lack of artificial components;
  • Availability in shops.

To shortcomings:

  • Existence in structure causing allergy of cellulose and a maize.

Pro Plan Junior

The pro-plan is a kitten food of a premium class which can be got in any pet-shop.

Its pluses:

  • Wide line of tastes;
  • Natural meat in structure;
  • Prebiotics in structure;
  • Balance of a diet for kittens.

Its minuses:

  • Big percent of vegetable proteins;
  • Existence of allergenic corn and soy;
  • Preservatives in structure.

Hills kitten food

Хиллс – one more brand of a premium class.

We carry to advantages of this forage:

  • Availability
  • Obogashchennost vitamins and minerals


  • Big percent of the carbohydrates which are badly digested by kittens in structure;
  • There is too much vegetable protein;
  • Allergenicity of a forage;
  • There is a lot of broth in canned food and paucha.

Now you know that kittens eat. It was necessary things are easy – to watch closely himself and not to dare to lose the mode and to indulge a favourite crumb vrednyashka.

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