• Aug 6, 2018

When on counters of pet-shops there is a new cat's forage, there is a wish to learn about it more to solve – whether it is worth giving it to the pets. The Mealfeel cat food appeared rather recently.

The forage Mealfeel (premium class) especially for network of pet-shops "Four Paws" is issued.

The Belgian company United Petfood is engaged in production of a dry feed, the damp forage and canned food are released by the French company La Normandise. As a part of a line of a forage for various age groups and conditions of cats. However in a line there are no special brands for pregnant women and the feeding cats and a medical forage.

Advantages and Shortcomings of the Mealfeel Cat Food

of Advantage and shortcomings

We will begin with common fault for all brands Mealfeel – the forage is on sale only in one retail network ("Four Paws") and in some Online stores of goods for animals. The manufacturing countries are not engaged in its sale. There is still minus – rather high cost. At such price it is possible to get some cheap holistik.

Now we will talk about pluses, it is more of them:

  1. The European production is a quality assurance.
  2. The ruler contains dry and damp feeds for different age and conditions of cats.
  3. Forages do not contain artificial preservatives, dyes and amplifiers of taste.
  4. Are present at a line teach also canned food.
  5. Forages are enriched with vitamins, minerals, amino acids.
  6. As the main source of protein meat ingredients are used.

Despite indisputable advantages, structure of a forage corresponds only to the class "premium", it falls short of characteristics of the classes "super-premium" and "holistik".

the Milfil Cat food – popular brands, structure, characteristics

  1. adult cat digest sensitive turkey salmon for cats with digestion
  2. kitten chicken turkey is a forage with and for kittens.
  3. cat sterilized lamb for and castrated
  4. junior chunks in gravy rich poultry teach for kittens
  5. rich in fish is canned food with white fish.

of Mealfeel Adult Cat Digest Sensitive Turkey & Salmon

A forage with a turkey and a salmon for adult animals with sensitive digestion. High content of proteins – 32%, fats – 23%. Main animal ingredients: fresh salmon (15%), dry meat of a turkey (15%). A source of animal fats – chicken fat (10%). The main source of vegetable proteins – peas. An additional source of carbohydrates – rice. Cereal cultures do not contain in a stern.

In structure also is: the dehydrogenated salmon and a bird, dried eggs, the hydrolyzed proteins of animal origin, a linen seed, oil of a salmon, a dried Arctic krill (a source the Omega-3), cellulose, dried carrots, a cranberry, beer yeast, chicory. Makley heart-shaped – natural antiseptics. Rosemary – natural antioxidant. Extract Jukka Schidigera – reduces a smell of cat's excrements. The forage is enriched with vitamins and minerals.

  • Plus: existence in structure of fresh meat.
  • Minus: contains cellulose – cheap filler.

Price: pack 400 гр. – 299 rub, 1.5 kg. – 995 rub

of Mealfeel Kitten Chicken & Turkey

A dry diet with chicken and a turkey for kittens with the high content of animal ingredients and the lowered percent of grain. Balanced content of proteins and fats: proteins – 34%, fats – 23%. Main proteinaceous ingredients: fresh chicken meat and the dried-up meat of a turkey and chicken.

Structure: dried eggs, peas, white rice, animal fat, linen seed, Antarctic krill (source of DHA and EPA acids), dried chicory, dried carrots, beer yeast, L-carnitine, vitamin and mineral complex.

  • Plus: high content of crude proteins.
  • Minus: too high content of vegetable protein – peas.

Price: packing 400 гр. – 299 rub, 1.5 kg. – 995 rub

of Mealfeel Cat Sterilized Lamb

A cat's forage Mealfeel of the Belgian production for the castrated (sterilized) animals with a lamb differs in the high content of components of animal origin. Is suitable for adult cats from 1 year to 7 years. Main sources of animal protein: the dehydrogenated chicken (25%), fresh meat of a lamb (15%).

Structure: corn gluten, rice, whole peas, split peas, salmon oil, linen seed, rosemary. Cellulose sources: beet press, cellulose, L-carnitine. For intestinal microflora normalization – beer yeast and dried chicory. The cranberry – provides antibacterial effect. Makley heart-shaped – vegetable antiseptics. The forage is enriched a complex of vitamins and minerals. Rosemary – natural antioxidant.

  • Plus: does not contain artificial dyes, antioxidants.
  • Minus: in structure there is a corn gluten – allergen.

Price: packing of 1.5 kg. – 949 rub, 8 kg. – 3799 rub

of Mealfeel Junior Chunks in Gravy Rich in Poultry

Damp kitten food of the French production – pieces in sauce with a bird. The basis of a forage is made by meat and its derivatives (40%), including poultry – 14%. Other ingredients: fish, extract of vegetable protein, derivatives of plant origin, sugar, gum, vitamins E, D3, phosphorus, calcium. Taurine – for visual acuity and health of eyes.

  • Plus: high content of protein.
  • Minus: in structure there are not deciphered ingredients and sugar.

Price: пауч 100 гр. – 59 rub

of Mealfeel Rich in Fish

Damp canned food – gentle fish paste in a lamister. Portion (100 гр.) it is calculated on one feeding. In structure: fish and fish offal, meat and meat offal, sugar, minerals. Vitamin and mineral structure: D3, E, B1 vitamins, taurine, biotin, zinc, copper, manganese, iodine. Content of crude protein – 10%. Standard daily rate: 2-3 packs for a cat weighing 3-5 kg.

  • Plus: convenient packing.
  • Minus: contains sugar.

Price: lamister 100 гр. – 59 rub

It is important to know:

  • with what to feed a cat for a set of weight
  • with what to feed a cat for wool removal

Responses about Mealfeel for kittens

Darina: "Decided to try a new forage, Mealfeel for kittens bought the sphinx. A smell teach differs in nothing from a smell of other forages which are on sale in supermarkets. This forage not from supermarket, but its structure not really far left them. The only plus – contains in a stern of Mealfeel more meat ingredients. The price for such quality – too high".

Reviews of cat food

Lina: "I cannot tell anything bad about a forage Mealfeel. It is on sale only in shop "4 paws", there I also bought it. It is possible to refer lack of cereals in structure to pluses of a forage. There are in it such useful ingredients as the flax seed which is responsible for the correct digestion. Pleased lack of artificial additives: amplifiers of taste, preservatives and dyes. But my cats for some reason eat it without special enthusiasm".

Semyon: "I took a cat from the street already adult, he broke digestion. The pet-shop advised me a new forage Mealfeel for cats with sensitive digestion. Yes, the structure of Mealfeel surpasses structure of forages of economy class and the European production cannot but please. But, I did not notice noticeable improvement at the Barsik yet. Most likely, forage not too dietary".

Reviews of veterinarians of a stern

Stepan Petrovsky, veterinarian: "A usual nutritious forage with the good power value and high saturability. It is balanced, contains all necessary minerals and vitamins B the quantity satisfying biological needs of an animal. Easily is digested, it is well acquired. Is suitable for daily food of the cats leading a house life. Special natural additives significantly reduce a smell of cat's excrement. Taurine well affects sight of cats and their wool. The molt passes in due time, wool drops out within norm. From shortcomings – overestimated positioning of a forage, desire of producers is better to present it, than it is actually".


Should be given

So, we will sum up: the forage is new, rather qualitative, consumer comments on him are not enough, structure average, but it is better, than at forages of the class "house-keeper". We did not find extremely negative reviews in the Internet – responses of veterinarians reserved. Therefore at us no, the reasons not to recommend this brand. We leave the final decision to you. Try, watch reaction of the pet to a forage and draw the conclusions – to give or not to give.

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