• Aug 29, 2019

You, Cheloveki, often measure Animals by the measures of the Good and evil developed by you, and say that the Nature is cruel. It is a little short-sighted, of course, but I not about it now.

The Black-and-white Cat Jumps from a Back of a Bay Horse of a Photo

On a photo: I, Gonzhik, and my friend Maxian's cat. Photo: elsie-by.livejournal. com. Author of a photo: Anna Tyurina.

Even if to take your, Human scale, you should not forget that there is one moment (in my opinion, very much, very indicative moment) in which We, Animals, from the "moral" point of view overtake you, Chelovekov, on incalculable quantity of points.

We cardinally differ from you in one line.

We (even those whom you call by Predators) do not betray and we do not kill those with whom lived and for whom cared.

And if to take your morals, then it is absolutely unclear how We can be more cruel if you kill Animals who were grown up and who trust you? And Animals who are raised on meat are killed at least quickly. But the position Chelovekov in relation to Animals whom he does not eat is even more doubtful, and uses for another.

As can kill the Horse who all life served you faithfully, just because it cannot work any more? Or Korova whom you milked dry dry, before it constantly killing her Cubs?

Perhaps, only the Cat and the Dog avoided this fate and became your friends. But also that is only conditional. If to close eyes to that unfortunate whom you betrayed and doomed to painful death for hunger, cold and treachery. Or on the victims of ill treatment which not so are not enough.

As you, Cheloveki, can consider yourself by wreaths of the Universe and the only carriers of so-called Morals?

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