• Nov 21, 2018

Comparing these fluffy and big-eared madcaps to representatives of dogs or cats, it is possible to notice what rabbits extremely unpretentious beings and their stay in the apartment, at the correct leaving, will not cause problems. Having broken stereotypes, one may say, that rabbits besides light learning ability, also have quite good intelligence. Progress in training (or training) will depend directly on quality of care. At respect for sanitary and other standards and also at caring attitude to the pet, rabbits can live up to 11 years.

Features of Care of a Rabbit

Before purchase it is necessary to realize that rabbits, as well as at other animals, have requirements which need to be satisfied. It touches also nervous system. If the owner wishes to the pet of good life, then it is necessary to minimize, and at best, completely to exclude emergence in a rabbit of stressful situations. Loud music, bright light, extraneous frightening noises can frighten this fluffy miracle. It is necessary to reckon with it as with the person and not to disturb him during sleep, food or deserved rest.

of the Rule of leaving

Careful cleaning of the room in which there is a rabbit (concerns not only cages, but also rooms or parts of the house in which there is an animal) is the key to health, the dusty not aired room will not do good to any living being at all. But also it is undesirable to be overzealous and air the room more often than usual – the rabbit can get sick.

Is banal, but too it is necessary to remind of it: it is necessary to remove all sharp, pricking, cutting objects that nothing threatened health of a rabbit.

Features of Care of a Rabbit

About food

At care of a rabbit it is important to know that the balanced food is an integral part of good health and it is necessary to treat this question with special attentiveness.

Schooling of the pet to a special forage with vitamins and minerals will be the correct step. Because of rigidity, the rabbit will grind off constantly growing teeth. If the big-eared animal refuses acceptance of such food, it is necessary to find analogs among vegetables as, for example, carrot. You should not forget and about one delicacy of rabbits – about hay. The employee of pet-shop will help to choose it to you.

we Will play


To play with the favourite pet, it is necessary to follow the following advice.

Council 1. You should not "attack" on it at once and to wait that he will want to play at once. These animals some time get used to all new. Correct will to allow it explore premises.

Features of Care of a Rabbit

Council 2. Toys. The range of toys in pet-shops blows the mind. Having consulted to the consultant, it is possible to find a toy which will please the pet with ease.

Care and love will help a rabbit to become the full member of family and to please owners.

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