• Jan 7, 2019

Some people prefer to get gadgets as pets of exotic animals. In such situation many make the choice for big-eared a gadget. Rules of maintenance of small predators not the simplest, but nevertheless these animals become more and more popular. As such pets cost quite much, not everyone can get them. Besides future owners should understand that gadgets will never behave as ordinary domestic cats.

Small Chanterelle of Gadgets

of Feature of contents

Gadgets — small chanterelle which lives in deserts or semi-deserts. This small animal by the size is less than cat. Its weight reaches only 1.5 kg, and length — 40 cm

Contents Big-eared a Gadget in House Conditions

Gadgets have very large ears , especially in relation to head volume. Thanks to them they with ease hear the slightest rustles and movements of the production. Also ears serve them as a temperature regulator. They help an organism to get rid of excess heat. Thanks to down on feet of chanterelle can move on the desert.

On freedom predators prefer to live in small burrows. Eat generally roots and fruits of plants, insects, eggs of birds and small drop. Without access to water can live long enough as all necessary moisture is capable to be received from food.

Creation of comfortable conditions

Conditions of Keeping Big-eared Gadget

It is difficult for gadgets to transfer bright sunlight therefore usually in the afternoon they sleep. However at night they are capable suit around themselves the real chaos. Animals differ in the increased inquisitiveness and to everything show interest. They like to dig and bury in sand.

Owners should equip small space where the pet will be able to play in sand. If not to provide such conditions to it, then it will begin to dig a tunnel in furniture or to take away loose products on all house. Besides, the small animal likes to dump from a table of a thing therefore it is not necessary to store values in free access.

As gadgets after all a wild animal to leave it at home alone — not the safest option. It is the best of all to get the spacious open-air cage where it is possible to lock the pet during the periods of absence of the owner. Important cautions which need to be followed :

  1. To close windows and doors that the animal could not get out.
  2. To hide fragile things and wires.
  3. To keep small animals in warm rooms.
  4. Ears at animals very sensitive therefore it is necessary to avoid loud sounds.
  5. You should not do sharp movements as chanterelles are quite timid.

Necessary leaving

Care of a Big-eared Fenek

Wool of fenk does not need any special leaving. It needs to be combed only regularly to avoid emergence of koltun. The pet it is possible to wash up in warm water if he was strongly soiled, and then carefully to wipe and dry up the hair dryer. Also it needs to cut claws regularly.

Big-eared gadgets are very active. They like to run about the owner's legs, sometimes they can be not noticed therefore it is necessary to be careful accidentally not to step on the pet.

It is possible to walk a pet only on a lead and it is obligatory in hot weather. In cool days it should be dressed more warmly that it did not freeze. In winter time it is better to refuse walkings.

Inoculations need to be done once a year. Especially you should not forget about vaccination against rage and parasites. At the correct leaving of a gadget are ill extremely seldom. But in a case it is necessary to address the veterinarian who specializes in wild animals.

Small animals demand much more time, than other pets therefore they will not suit people whom often there is no house. To tame the pet and to save him from wild habits, he needs to pay much attention. At a long absence of owners chanterelle can forget them.

The trust of fenk is gained gradually. Most often they love all family members, but can sometimes dislike some people without the visible reasons. Generally pets sympathize with those at whom any delicacy is laid up for them. You should not leave small children alone with big-eared small animals as those can strongly bite if they hurt them.

of the Requirement to food

The diet of fenk in the wild nature consists for 90% from small animals or insects. Other 10% are backs and vegetation therefore it is possible to consider that their food generally consists of proteinaceous food.

Food of Big-eared Gadgets

In house conditions it is necessary to adhere to the same principles. In case of the wrong feeding chanterelles can have serious problems with health. Their organism is not capable to digest a large number of vegetation. Besides they have weak jaws and small teeth which best of all are suitable for chewing of insects. the pet has to eat In day :

  • several tens of flour hearts;
  • quail eggs;
  • there are a little crickets or other insects.

Besides, it is possible to add low-fat crude meat or mice to a diet . It is necessary to feed with insects and rodents of fenk, otherwise at them diseases of a liver or a cardiomyopathy can develop.

Fresh vegetables can be an additional feeding up, but it is not enough (about 2 teaspoons a day). These animals badly digest carrots, corn and grain. Fruit can be given as a dessert, but in small quantities. Gadgets especially love dates and cherry.

It is allowed to replace natural food with ready-made feeds for dogs with addition of vegetables. But in this case it is necessary to choose only premium class grades. It is also possible to add necessary vitamins and minerals to a diet: Taurine in capsules and Vioneyt.

Gadgets can become the real cultivated pets, but owners should make for this purpose a few efforts. As well as other animal, care and attention is necessary for them. The loving owner will never regret about the decision to get so lovely and exotic small animal.

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