• Sep 26, 2017


a 4-hmesyachny puppy of an airdale Ajax reached to me from far Siberia. And if to Moscow it reached by rail, then from Moscow to Minsk was decided to reach by motor transport. So, before me there was a choice: car or bus?

Sobaka is the fellow traveler in the car

First of all, me advised to use blablacar service . It is the website uniting the motorists ready to take fellow travelers. Including along a route Moscow – Minsk.
Among motorists is a lot of those whom it is accepted to call dog-friendly. In this case their profile decorates the badge with a doggie meaning "It is possible with pets". But even if there is no such badge, it is worth writing the message and to specify whether will take you accompanied by the pet.
Service is good the fact that it allows to choose convenient time of a trip (options much), and drivers are ready to stop on the road once again.
But is also essential minus: the trip can be cancelled at the last minute. Actually, this argument became for me decisive: we go by bus.
Sobaka in the Bus
the Young airdale Ajax is ready to a travel!

It is possible to go with a dog by the bus?

Can take a dog in the bus, the company organizing trips solves. In rules of many Belarusian firms it is directly specified: "Transportation of animals and birds is forbidden". It I did not even call. But two companies agreed to help Ajax to reach from Moscow to Minsk.
of the First became the Kakao-tur company . And her employees can offer the whole 2 options of trips with a dog:
  1. you go by the passenger bus. In this case the dog can be only little, and she needs to be put in carrying with a waterproof bottom. You take two places: carrying with the pet is by the window, you sit near pass. Such buses go along a route Moscow-Minsk nearly an every evening.
  2. you buy two places on a shop tour. In this case the dog can be any, "though fighting" (the quote of the operator). Conditions: existence of a collar, lead and muzzle. Such buses leave from Moscow to Minsk several times a week in the morning.
of Vetspravk is obligatory in both cases.
Second "friendly to pets" the company became of "Interkars" . They were not surprised at all when I asked a question whether will take a dog in salon. Yes, will take. It is desirable that the dog was in a muzzle and on a lead. The vetspravka is obligatory.
Buses of this company leave Moscow to Minsk every evening. And this option was more convenient. For this reason we with Ajax became passengers of "Interkars".
of can testify: to transport a dog in the bus quite perhaps. Our trip with the Interkars company took place perfectly!
allocated Us the double place – and where it is convenient to us. However, Ajax did not use the seat – preferred to go in legs, the benefit, the place allowed.
the Bus stopped each 4 – 5 hours, that is there was an opportunity to take a walk and warm up paws.
Are adjusted everything (both the driver, and passengers) were kindly.
However, my little airdale was an ideal fellow traveler: went quietly, did not stick to people, and some of passengers at stops were surprised, having found out that with them the charming curly-headed dog goes.
Sobaka in the Bus
the Airdale Ajax behaved in the bus ideally!
By the way, "Interkars" now even on the official site put the badge "it is possible with pets".

Sobaka in the bus: rules

not to cause inconveniences to fellow travelers, transporting a dog in the bus, not to spoil property and not to get into trouble, it is worth following a number of rules.
  1. At a dog have to be the documents confirming that you are its owner (in our case it was the puppyish metrics which is written out on my name) and the international pet passport.
  2. Sobaka has to have the operating vetspravka given in veterinary clinic. There it is specified that it left the zone free from a quarantine and that all necessary vaccination is done to it. Our documents on border did not check, but you should not neglect this point.
  3. it is better for justify to put the Little dog in carrying with a waterproof bottom . The pet who in carrying does not vlazit it is worth "equipping" with a short lead . And to take a muzzle . However, did not demand to muzzle Ajax, but we just in case with ourselves carried this accessory.
  4. Take disposable diapers, wet towel wipes and paper towels – can rock to sleep a dog.
  5. If you are going to put the pet on a seat, lay its plaid .
  6. Gathering in a distant trip, take care of bowl (on sale there are folding) and to clear water . Sobaka will for certain become thirsty, and during a stop you will be able to give it the chance to satisfy thirst.
  7. And here I do not recommend to feed with a dog before a trip in the bus , especially if there is a risk that will rock to sleep a dog.
  8. Not superfluous will be to take in the road a favourite toy your canine friend. It is better if the toy does not peep (not all can doze under cheerful peep so there is a probability to draw upon themselves anger of other passengers).

Pay for dogs in the bus and how many?

Yes, is necessary to a dog the ticket. The tariff depends on carrier. It can be the full ticket or children's.
The Interkars company is lucky dogs on a children's tariff , that is the ticket for the pet costs a half of the "adult" ticket.
By the way, on the ticket and write: "Passenger Sobaka". All officially!


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