• Dec 28, 2018

the Scientists representing the Center of biotechnologies of Rajiv Gandhi (India) and Emory University that in the State of Georgia, it is proved that slime of frog destroyed the swine flu belonging to the category H1. The immunologist and the microbiologist, professor Josh Jacob representing Medical school at Emory University became the head of research group.

Frog Slime Destroyed Swine Flu

the Essence of the made experiment

Earlier carried out tests once again proved that secretion which is formed on frog skin of contains special antimicrobial peptides in the structure .

South Indian Frogs

These substances have protective effect, frightening off harmful bacteria from reptiles.

By Jacob's team it was established that the South Indian frogs produce the allocations functioning by the principle of anti-influenza peptides. At the subsequent laboratory developments such substance can become a basis for new anti-virus medicines. The described resource is simply invaluable at development of a new pandemic of flu, especially dangerous because of the following signs:

  • extends to large territories;
  • strikes people and animals;
  • oppresses the immune system and provokes death.

Anti-virus peptide will be irreplaceable in development of vaccine against a new and unknown strain. Besides, it can be used against actively circulating forms of epidemic which developed resistance to the consumed medicines.

Scientists in Laboratory

The team under the leadership of professor Jacob called open frog peptide uruminy. During collecting the medical substance careful electric stimulation was involved at which skin allocations at amphibious Hydrophylax bahuvistara departed.

It is known that under the influence of antibacterial peptides cages of mammals collapse, in particular cellular membranes are exposed to defeat. Nevertheless, урумин it is studied under a microscope in detail, destruction is proved to them only flu viruses.

Results of a research

Professor claims that the described peptide is capable to be built in a stem part of the special protein which is a part of a virus which bears responsibility for communication of a strain with the infected cage. The found feature of natural substance is invaluable, many medicines used by are capable to strike other parts of a virus of flu .


The World Health Organization publishes data according to which annually mass epidemic affects about 15% of the people living in the northern hemisphere of Earth. Regular vaccination acts as an effective preventive method.

The team of scientists also made an experiment with the mice who did not receive vaccine and such to whom through a nose moved урумин. as a result provided this component:

  • protection against a deadly dosage of a virus;
  • increase in immunity;
  • fast recovering from infection.

Also the fact that substance shows efficiency only against the strains of H1 which became epidemic reason in 2009 is established. At the same time there is no action of an urumin on H3 N2 virus.

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