• Jan 31, 2019

by millions of types absolutely not similar at each other. And not all rare animals fluffy and nice — occur among them so repellent and terrible creations that they could be removed safely in terrible movies horrors. It is interesting to learn about how the most unusual frightening animals and surprising photos of some types look.

The Most Terrible Animals

Ugly fish drop

This inhabitant of the underwater world is considered one of the ugliest among animals. The unusual structure of a body of fish makes it similar to shapeless jellylike weight. The matter is that this representative of fauna has no muscular muscles, and density of a body is slightly less than density of water. For this reason they almost cannot independently move, and just go down stream or are long concealed at the bottom waiting until some food itself swims away in a mouth. Distinctive characteristics of fish drop:

Fish Drop

  • Length of a trunk can fluctuate ranging from 30 up to 70 cm
  • Total absence of scales or other covering of skin which is characteristic of most of representatives of the underwater world.
  • The average weight of fish is about 10 kg.
  • There are hardly noticeable finlets and a small tail.
  • Differs in a big nose and an unusual mouth which, by the way, very much reminds human.

This look at a depth of sea about 1000−1300 meters lives. Most often meets in waters of Tasmania and Australia. It is no wonder that this fish heads the first lines of rating of the most terrible animals of the planet.



The harmless representative of fauna from a class of lemurs — the Madagascar rukonozhka or as still it is accepted to call it, ah-ah. As appears from the name of a look, it is possible to understand that the rukonozhka mainly in the territory of Madagascar lives. "ah-ah" the animal got the second nickname thanks to unusual sounds which it makes, having guessed danger. It's not true much terrible, how many ridiculous animal in the ugliness. At a rukonozhka:

Description of the Most Terrible Animal

  • Big prominent eyes which ridiculously are located on the big head.
  • Huge bald ears.
  • Thin and long extremities with very tenacious claws.
  • Body lump seldom exceeds 3 kg.
  • Life expectancy varies from 23 to 26 years.

This little small animal is ruthlessly exterminated by locals as, on local beliefs, it is considered death harbinger. Today ah-it is ah included in the Red List as this look is on the verge of disappearance.

Terrible mole-zvezdonos

This representative of fauna treats family of mole and got the nickname thanks to an unusual shape of a nose which reminds a big star. The matter is that organs of smell at this animal have the whole 22 reddish outgrowths in the form of feelers which are located directly on a muzzle in the form of a star. of Feature of an animal, besides an ugly nose, are as follows:

Mole Zvezdonos

  • At a zvezdonos an unusual tail which can increase in the diameter up to 8 millimeters. This part of a body of an animal is used for fat storage.
  • A small trunk which length can be no more than 15 centimeters.
  • The body weight of an animal too small — no more than 80−100 g
  • Outgrowths on a muzzle consist only of skin that is done by this animal really terrible.

Area of dwelling of a zvezdonos — the East of North America, mainly in the marshland and in damp forests. Animals conduct quite active rate of life and are considered as some of the fastest predators in the category.

Black fish dragon

This representative of sea fauna is considered the deep-water fish living in waters of the Indian, Atlantic or Pacific Ocean and resembles a long snake with the huge head and teeth superficially. The second name of black fish dragon — an idiakant. the Horrible and unusual look fish received for the account of the structure of the body:

Black Fish Dragon

  • The body of an animal consists only of the big head and very long trunk.
  • Females have the terrifying long thin teeth because of which they cannot just close companies.
  • On a body there are hardly noticeable fins.
  • The trunk, as well as at most of representatives of the underwater world, has photoodds — the shining bodies.
  • Female individuals and males considerably differ from each other in the sizes. If the male can have the maximum length of a body of 7−8 cm, then the female grows to a half a meter in length. And the male, unlike a female, has no so terrible lines as long thin teeth that makes him a little ridiculous against the background of a female.

Life expectancy at a male short while the female can live several years, having managed to bring posterity at the same time several times.

Rodent naked navvy

Not less terrible by sight is the rodent of family zemlekopovy. The little animal differs in unique qualities: the rodent is never ill and does not grow old, is steady against cancer diseases and is not afraid of pain at all. of Feature of the structure of a small animal:

Rodent Naked Navvy

  • It is a little rodent at whom body length taking into account a tail is no more than 15 centimeters.
  • Body weight reaches no more than 80 g
  • At the naked navvy very massive and well developed jaws with two huge teeth acting forward over a lower lip.
  • At a small animal naked skin of a yellow-pink shade with big wrinkles. Indumentum completely is absent.
  • Average life expectancy of a small animal makes 30 years.

Naked Navvy

Naked navvies are vegetarians because eat exclusively vegetable food — roots and root crops. It is possible to meet a small animal in the territory of Africa, mainly in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya.

podkovonosny bat

The Podkovonosny mouse is considered the smallest in the world among all wing-handed animals. This representative of wild fauna has really horrible appearance, and all thanks to the physiological structure of a nose: the big nostrils surrounded with unusual cartilaginous outgrowths at which the form reminds a horseshoe — from here and the name of this look. The bat has also other characteristic features:

podkovonosny bat

  • The small size of a body which varies from only 5 to 7 centimeters.
  • The rounded-off wings which scope can reach 42 centimeters.
  • The thin back extremities equipped with very tenacious claws.
  • The animal only headfirst on the arches and ceilings as small animals are not able to go on horizontal surfaces at all moves.
  • This look perfectly perceives sounds with a frequency up to 100 thousand. Hz.
  • Excellent ability to echolocation and generation of ultrasounds that is reached at the expense of the unique structure of auricles and a nasal partition. The matter is that the animal makes sounds through a nose.

Most often it is possible to meet bats in dark caves and in the old abandoned buildings. Representatives of this family practically live in all corners of the globe: beginning from Africa, Europe and the Himalayas and finishing with Japan, Korea and Australia.

The fauna of our planet is very interesting and diverse. Surprising photos of living beings give the chance to get acquainted with the most different inhabitants of Earth including to gain an impression about the most frightening animals.

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