• Oct 25, 2018

Agree that each cat surely has to have the "Cat's house" – the place where to your pet it will be comfortable, warm and safe. Usual baskets were succeeded by convenient lodges for cats who it is possible to get in shops of pet goods. They satisfy natural need of a cat – desire to have personal space.

The choice of ready cat's houses in the market of pet goods is huge, look narrowly at habits of the pet, listen to his desires to pick up model which will suit it.

Lodges for cats are types and their characteristics

Cat's lodges subdivide into several groups:

  1. Lodges stove benches.
  2. Lodges boxes or caves.
  3. The lodges which are built in a game complex.
  4. Multipurpose lodges: with kogtetochka, with toys.

For production of this cat's accessory the most various technologies and materials are used. It is possible to meet cardboard, soft, wooden, wattled models. And also difficult many-tier designs of multipurpose appointment.

How to choose the correct lodge for a pet

  1. Make a start from temperament and habits of your cat. If she is timid and all the time hides in secluded corners, then she will suit a design of the closed type. For cats who want to be mistresses of the situation and watch all events, the open models which are established on the eminence are created.
  2. Consider the animal sizes. If at you an adult cat it is possible to pick up the necessary size. For kittens take a lodge for growth, but do not go too far – consider standards of breed.
  3. Remember where your pet likes to sleep. If the cat sleeps on a floor, she will suit a usual stove bench. If she falls asleep only on chairs, chairs or a back of a sofa, then choose for her model in which the berth will be located approximately at the same height.
  4. Choose only quality materials – first of all it is necessary to think not of favorable purchase, and of health of an animal.

Zoogurman "Empire style. Peas" – the best lodge for a cat

The Review of the Best Lodges for Cats

Classical option – a cat's lodge with walls, a roof and a round entrance. The entrance decorates a lovely bow. The model is produced in several color schemes. The lodge steady – a framework of a product is made of metal and plastic. Soft designs – from textiles, porolonovy filler and wool which very well keep heat.

The design is convenient that a roof of a lodge and матрасик – removable, it simplifies care of a product. The lodge of the closed type – will be pleasant to careful cats. Sizes of internal space: 34x40x40 cm

  • Plus: it is possible to erase manually or in the automatic mode (t of 40 °C).
  • Minus: collects dust and wool.

Price: 1489 rub

the Best lodges for cats and cats

  1. Fur lodge of Gigwi "Owl";
  2. A lodge from a rod of Teremok;
  3. Domik-sliper for animal Zoobaloo "WoolPetHouse";
  4. A lodge for a cat of Kotosfer;
  5. A lodge bed from the website AliExpress;
  6. A cardboard lodge for cats of Papercat of Cute TV.

Fur lodge of Gigwi "Owl"

The Review of the Best Lodges for Cats

The lodge is made of faux fur in original design. The design of a product is executed in the form of a wigwam, the entrance to a stove bench is made out by fur applique of an owl. Pen-type ears of an owl draw attention of cats and serve as a toy. In it to the cozy closed peshcherka even the large adult animal will be located. In a lodge always warmly and comfortably. The internal soft pillow is taken out, it can be erased. Product sizes: 45×45 x45 see

  • Plus: steady framework.
  • Minus: some cats are frightened appliques of an owl.

Price: 1849 rub

the Lodge from a rod of Teremok

The Review of the Best Lodges for Cats

Handmade model from the Russian Meridian producer. The design is executed in the form of a wattled teremk from a rod. Material – eco-friendly, does not cause an allergy in animals. In a wattled product soft матрасик with a cover from cotton fabric. Matrasik is taken out, he can be erased. Product sizes: 45x45x41 cm

  • Plus: is suitable for large cats.
  • Minus: cats can gnaw rods.

Price: 1379 rub

of Domik-sliper for animal Zoobaloo "WoolPetHouse"

The Review of the Best Lodges for Cats

Creative creation of designers – the lodge-sliper perfectly is suitable for a dream and rest of a cat. The product is made of valyany hair of fine-fleece sheep – merinos. Thanks to natural wool in such lodge the ideal microclimate is always supported, in it it is warm and cozy. The original form of a product allows your pet to fill up in a natural pose – "kalachik". Product sizes: 40x40x25 cm

  • Plus: it is possible to use in the car.
  • Minus: it is impossible to erase.

Price: 1909 rub

of Trixie the Lodge for a cat fur "Tower"

The Review of the Best Lodges for Cats

The lodge for two cats or kittens has the tower form with two floors. At each floor the round entrance. Outside the tower is sheathed by sisal that allows to use it as a kogtetochka. Internal rooms of a tower are trimmed by warm faux fur with long pile. For cat's games to an accessory the soft toy on an elastic band is attached. Sizes: diameter of the basis – 33 cm, height – 50 cm

  • Plus: is suitable for several animals.
  • Minus: high cost.

Price: 4607 rub

of Trixie a lodge for a cat of "Alessio"

The Review of the Best Lodges for Cats

The interesting model from the German producer Trixie is made of plush of light gray color.

Has four tiers. Nizhny Novgorod is the full-fledged closed stove bench with a round entrance. The second – a shelf with a sizalevy covering, for grinding of claws. The third – a support with vertical descent to the second tier. The fourth – a soft open stove bench with a removable matrasik and a toy. The fourth tier is located on a sizalevy column-kogtetochke. Sizes: diameter of the basis – 45 cm, height – 111 cm, diameter of columns – 9 cm

  • Plus: collapsible design.
  • Minus: high price.

Price: 8825 rub

the Lodge for a cat of Kotosfer

The Review of the Best Lodges for Cats

The original place for a cat from We Are Beavers is made of polished birch plywood (8 mm.). The lodge is very strong, easy and rather big. In it four entrances which provide to a cat the good review. All wooden surfaces are covered with special oil thanks to what they have dirt-resistant effect and do not absorb foreign smells. In a lodge soft and convenient матрасик from textiles. The inhabited compartment has the sizes: 52x52x43 cm

  • Plus: easy design.
  • Minus: badly holds heat.

Price: 5500 rub

the Lodge bed from the website AliExpress

The Review of the Best Lodges for Cats

The inexpensive option of a lodge wigwam from the website of AliExpress is made of soft plush with porolonovy filler. The model has a folding design and removable матрасик. The lodge is easily erased in the manual way and in the automatic mode. The wigwam will easily be transformed to an open stove bench. The producer proposes 5 color schemes. Sizes: 40x32x32 cm

  • Plus: there is an eyelet for carrying.
  • Minus: is not suitable for large cats.

Price: 594.36 rub

the Cardboard lodge for cats of Papercat of Cute TV

The Review of the Best Lodges for Cats

The cozy lodge from high-quality environmentally friendly cardboard gathers from one detail without use of additional fastenings and glue. Designers executed it in the form of the lamp TV. In a set there are stickers of thematic contents. A design strong – it is possible to climb on a TV cover. Product sizes: 35x35x44 cm

  • Plus: cheap.
  • Minus: quickly becomes useless.

Price: 325 rub

the hands

For those who did not find a suitable lodge in shop we made video selection how to build the house for a cat the hands.

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