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Many owners would like to be sent on leave in the company of a dog, but are afraid of difficulties which can arise on a travel, especially abroad. Whether it is possible to take a dog in a travel to the distant countries what to prepare for and what is necessary for a travel with a dog?

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What is necessary for a travel with animals to the European Union?

If you are going with a dog to the European Union, first of all, it is necessary to prepare documents:

  1. International pet passport.
  2. the Dog has to be a chipirovana, and number of the chip has to be specified in the international pet passport.
  3. the Mark about a rage inoculation in the pet passport. Consider that there are rage inoculations which do not admit the European Union countries therefore surely specify in a vetklinik what inoculation will be used, and warn that departure abroad is necessary to your dog.
  4. At entry into the EU from a number of the countries is required the certificate of a caption of antibodies to rage. Whether it is necessary for you, you can learn in embassy of the country to which you plan to go. The corresponding analysis can be made not earlier, than in 30 days after vaccination against rage. Crossing of border is possible in 3 months after obtaining this reference so it is worth thinking of it in advance.
  5. the Mark (sticker) in the international pet passport that in day of departure you gave to a dog glistogonny.
  6. Just before departure (for 1 – 2 day) in the state vetklinika is made out the veterinary certificate.

When passing border the veterinary certificate is taken away, instead of it issue the European veterinary certificate.

Do not forget to take in a bowl trip, a forage stock (it is better not spoiling), drinking water and a first-aid kit for rendering first aid to a dog.

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How to prepare a dog for a trip abroad?

Preparing for a trip abroad, it is worth beginning with trips around own country, gradually increasing distances, stopping for spending the night in different places. So you will be able to understand whether your dog is ready to leave the house, let and in your society and if is not present – over what it is necessary to work. It will help you to be prepared for any surprises.

Try to construct from the first a travel so that at a dog of a trip were associated only with positive emotions. You do not stint encouragement and take care at least of the minimum comfort for the pet, stop more often to allow a dog to drink and walk.

How to behave abroad if you travel with a dog?

According to the legislation of a number of EU countries, the dog who is transported in the car has to be fastened by a special seat belt. If there is any unpleasant situation on the road, it can save life to your pet.

It is better to check in advance whether it is possible to stay in the hotel which attracted to you with a dog. Though in EU countries there are no problems to find hotel where it is possible to live with a dog.

Never, under no circumstances leave a dog one in the closed car. First, it is dangerous to her life. Secondly, it can become the reason of troubles – inhabitants of the EU think of a question of wellbeing of animals very much and can quite say on you in police.

In EU countries it is not obligatory to muzzle dogs even in public places, however is an exception so it is worth having it at itself just in case.

Surely clean after the pet. In many cities of the EU on streets there are special ballot boxes for waste of dog activity (as well as containers where it is possible to take free of charge packages).



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