• Mar 13, 2020

Here someone at us in the stable forgot the book, and I while nobody saw, a little bit esteemed. Because the book is called "Farmyard", and I decided that about Animals, but it appeared, not absolutely. It as you speak, to Cheloveki, Anti-Utopia. However, we, Animals, have too societies which you, Cheloveki, called Anti-Utopia (or the Utopia, it how to look). What for societies, is asked by you?

The Bay Horse Runs a Photo
On a photo: author of a note Intelligent Horse Gong. Author of a photo: Anna Tyurina

In Africa there lives an Animal under name Naked Navvy. It on your, Human, the look is enough unattractive creation. But if you get acquainted with this Animal closer, then you will understand that to you is to what to envy.

The naked Navvy is insensitive to to damages, that is is not afraid of any wounds. The naked Navvy has not cancer. And still the Naked Navvy does not grow old, in general. That is your Cosmetologists and Doctors remained without work. Also there lives the Naked Navvy about 30 years that for a small Rodent – very there is a lot of. It as though you, Cheloveki, lived … well, years on 500, probably.

Already you envy?

And still Naked Navvies – the only mammals whose community works as a uniform organism. In this collective there is the Main Female – she only can breed with help of couple of fertile males. Other members of collective to breed not there are can and is no time them – they work for the benefit of society.

At Naked Navvies can be three professions:

  • Workers who, actually, dig the earth.
  • Soldiers – these battle against snakes.
  • Service staff – those who provide needs of the Main Female and her posterity.

However, any Naked Navvy can try different professions – depending on requirements societies. The party told: "It is necessary!" — the Naked Navvy answered: "Is!"

By the way, children of the Main Female does not use any privileges – they become the same workers, soldiers or service staff, as well as all others.

The main Female watches that other Naked Navvies did not take in head to breed. And if some other The female will decide on such impudence, the Main Female will just eat her children. But that such seditious thoughts at ordinary citizens did not arise, the Main Female allocates with urine hormones which suppress sexual activity at other members of pack. Such retaliatory psycho … oh, urinoterapiya.

If the Main Female dies, that, maybe, it will cause a coup, and all will begin to live and to breed as want? Here not. For the leading post serious begins fight – almost civil war. And the female who will defeat all becomes Main. Also her predecessor pursues the same policy, as.

However, in severe conditions in which there live Naked Navvies, such authoritativeness of the Main Female and refusal of other members of collective of the interests in favor of public – the only way to survive. And to consider it the Utopia or Anti-Utopia is already each of you, Chelovekov, solves for itself. To us, Horses, all the same.

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