• Aug 29, 2019

Whether you know that the zombie – already among us? And it is not a joke! I learned recently. It was impressed. Now I will tell one after another. Only at once I warn: behind food it is better not to read it.

 Horse and cat

Well, and for those who have already breakfast or have dinner I will continue.

For certain those from you who likes to have a rest on the river or the lake noticed that they come across strange, very much courageous Fishes: they swim almost at a surface, and they can even be caught barehanded.

But Small fishes these not simple, and … are not present, not gold, alas. Scientists call them Glistofana: a worm – it is clear that (bon appetit if nevertheless you have dinner), and the fan is a fun. And if to cut to such Fish a stomach, you will find a long white Tape-worm there. And this Worm forces Fish "to have fun" and behave so imprudently.

It would seem: why to it it? And the purpose is!

The worm develops and carries out the artful plan. Fish is his intermediate Owner (so call those in whom Parasites lodge), and in Fish the Worm lodges years 3. But then it needs to start reproduction, and for this purpose it has to appear at the final Owner inside – Birds. And then the Worm brainwashes Fish so that behaves as the real suicide: rises to the surface and attracts the Predator Bird. Inside at the Bird the Worm lays eggs, they with a dung fall again in water where them there is enough next Fish … Circulation of Worms in the nature, generally.

 the Bird catches fish

And there is still a Worm Horsehair worm who brainwashes Zhukov, Kuznechikov and Bogomolov. These Insects are not able to swim at all and in panic are afraid of water. But when to the Worm parasitizing in the Insect time to breed comes, he brainwashes the Hozyaevov that they jumped in water! And the Worm needs only to get out very quickly outside until the Insect was eaten by Fish – in Fish the Horsehair worm does not want!

That is these Parasites can dismember behavior Hozyaevov (it is only said that Hozyaev, and actually, of course, Slaves) on separate behavioural elements (patterns) also can combine them depending on the artful interests. Real Parasites!

Scientists still did not find out how Parasites do it. Perhaps, use neuromodulators (all night long learned this word!) are such special proteins which are responsible for different behavioural reactions. For example, if to combine squirrels, responsible for search of water and for receiving pleasure, then you can joyfully be drowned in the next pool, without understanding that you do.

There is still Osy-Nayezdniki. They not absolutely Parasites, and Parazitoida – that is the Owner is necessary only to Larvae, but not adult creatures. And these Wasps lay the eggs in a special Caterpillar, and Larvae begin to devour slowly the Caterpillar from within. Not too strongly, that she did not die ahead of time, but the Butterfly such Caterpillar will not become any more. And when Larvae need to pupate, they do holes in skin of the Caterpillar, get out of it and crowd together. Do you think, tortures of the Caterpillar on it come to an end? Here not! It begins to protect this small group of juvenile bandits and even builds around them a protective cocoon! Real sentry zombie … And when Wasps hatch, the Caterpillar is not necessary to them any more – and she dies.

It would seem, Larvae already got out – why the Caterpillar does not get away at full speed, saving the life? But it appears, couple of Larvae remain inside, forms a peculiar control center of brains of the Caterpillar and completely controls her behavior.

Do you think, only We can become Zombies? Here not! You, Cheloveki, too quite to yourself are not bad brainwashed by Parasites, though consider yourself by Wreaths. Do not you trust? You look.

There is such Parasite by the name of Toxoplasma. Her intermediate owner – the Mouse, and final – the Cat. And to get over from the Mouse in the Cat, Toxoplasma will reprogram behavior of the Mouse. The mouse not only becomes very fearless, but also tries to discover a smell of cat's urine which begins to be pleasant to it madly. So the Mouse finds the Cat and literally rushes it to a mouth! Toxoplasma exults.

 Cat and mouse

But it is not the end yet. Toxoplasma breeds in the Cat and together with cat's waste of activity delivers eggs to the environment. And these eggs can accidentally get not to the Mouse, and in … You, Chelovekov! Well, if you love Cats and do not like to wash hands.

Of course, for Toxoplasma it is not the best option, the Cat will hardly eat the Person. But, nevertheless, Toxoplasma lives in a human body and has a good time the fact that it pushes it on feats. Such Cheloveki become very fearless and can get into troubles – for example, into "courageous road accidents".

So if you see
on the road of the reckless driver – most likely, in it there lives a Worm Toxoplasma.

It is possible to argue on this subject long, but I for myself drew a conclusion: if on Us or you someone parasitizes, this someone wants to turn Us or you into the Zombie. And to make you the Owner. But in sense, not so flatter for you.

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