• Nov 24, 2018

Unlike the same dogs polecats do not need obligatory walks, however many owners all the same prefer to bring from time to time the pets to fresh air that the small animal found new impressions, explored new territories, and, perhaps, even got acquainted with other fellows – if the owner decided to meet other fans of these charming animals. However in order that walk took place most successfully and gave a lot of pleasure to both the owner, and his pet, it is worth attending to some conditions in advance.

Walk with a polecat: how to be prepared for it?

First of all it should be taken into account that it is better to arrange walk with completely healthy and completely imparted animal to avoid possible unpleasant consequences. You should not walk also a polecat if the day before that was выкупан: there is a chance that wool was not finally dried that as a result threatens an animal with overcooling and probable diseases.

Also processing of a small animal means against parasites will be useful: fleas and ear pincers. The special sprays which are on sale in pet-shops are for this purpose used, however it is necessary to track carefully that the polecat did not lick himself.

Walk with a polecat: how to be prepared for it?

The breast-band and a lead are absolutely necessary for walk with a polecat, without them the small animal can be lost elementary: it is known that polecats are very curious. Certainly, it is unlikely similar ammunition will be to the taste to a pet therefore first it is necessary to accustom him to a breast-band, walking with it on the house.

Too hardly should not tighten a breast-band, however and too freely it should not dangle: there is enough that under thongs two fingers squeezed.

It is possible to walk with a polecat at all seasons of the year, however you should not do it in two cases: if on the street the heat reigns and if too damp. In the first case the polecat risks to receive heatstroke, and in the second – to get wet and overcool not to mention that this time is famous for infectious diseases. Also in case of winter walks, it is necessary to accustom to them a polecat gradually, since the fall.

Walk with a polecat: how to be prepared for it?

For walk it is worth choosing quiet lonely places where there will be no active movement and dogs who are capable to frighten a polecat, and even to do much harm to him. Also aggression from some birds is probable, for example, of crows.

If it occurred, most likely, it is necessary to look for other place for walk: here the polecat of rest will not be given.

After walk it is also necessary to make some hygienic procedures, namely – to wipe to an animal of a pad a damp rag.

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