• Feb 27, 2019

of the Dog — some of dangerous, but at the same time right and tender beings on the planet. These lovely brave pets are always ready to protect the owner from dangers, but there were also cases when they attacked people. 5 situations in which not to do without otpugivatel for dogs are known.

When Not to Do without Otpugivatel for Dogs

In life often happen situations when such thing as an otpugivatel is extremely necessary.

The device will help with the following cases:

Wild dogs

Attack of Pets on Owners

  1. by Wild dogs — it is dangerous and most often does harm to human health. The homeless animal is not accustomed to caress and can attack only because the person not so looked at him. They do not know what is love and care for this reason all actions of the person perceive hostilely.
  2. to Drive away a dangerous dog from the person — there was a case of attack of an animal on the woman. Going along the street, the doggie unexpectedly attacked on the lady, but in time was stopped by the man who well knew the yard and this animal. The man did not become puzzled, he used an otpugivatel for dogs, thereby helped the woman.
  3. the Pack of angry animals pursued the woman and bit to death to death — in this story a lot of tragedy, a grief and tears. This awful event took place in Mexico. The woman came back home from work as the whole pack of the thrown animals began to pursue it. The lady was torn cruelly to pieces by this rack. In such situation it is impossible to do without otpugivatel for doggies. After this case, all family got such device.
  4. Walk with the house the pet and attack of a wild dog — the most widespread conflict between two animals. What to do if the favourite fluffy is less and more weakly than an aggressive dog? The otpugivatel for doggies will help. There were many cases when such help was simply necessary for the four-footed favourite.
  5. Attack of pets on owners — exceptional cases when doggies attacked the native person. One case occurred in Virginia, the woman was bitten to death by her pets with whom she very well got on. This awful event threw all family, acquaintances and friends in shock. How could it occur, the girl took these pets still puppies? Proceeding from this situation, it is necessary to have at itself such device which will help to stop the embittered beings.

Kind of people loved the house, faithful pets, it is always necessary to be afraid, nobody expects attack from the dog.

does not need also to try to tame a wild individual, it can lead to awful and tragic consequences.

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