• Mar 2, 2019

Many people try to diversify the main reasons the days with jog or other sport. It is useful and considerably improves mood. Unfortunately, nobody is insured from attack of animals. Why dogs so like to attack cyclists and runners, it is important to learn in advance and to take measures of protection. Pets do not attack just like that, they act according to simple instincts therefore it is easy to avoid threat or to prevent sad consequences.

Why Dogs So Like to Attack Cyclists and Runners

Main reasons

At identification of reasons for attack it is necessary to consider dog instincts. In this case the main of them work, they force pets to rush with bark on a moving object.

How to Be Protected from Attack of Dogs

  1. At an animal wakes up a hunting instinct . It forces to pursue the victim some time, to threaten with bark and even to bite. If the person runs away, the passion appears with the doubled force.
  2. Many dogs actively protect the territory: should appear on it as they defend positions at once.
  3. Any animal feels threat from fast objects therefore it tries to attack the first. It dictates a self-preservation instinct.

For prevention of a similar situation it is necessary to behave most quietly, then the animal will not feel aggression or fear and will not react.

Protection against dogs

Recommendations to Cyclists

There is a universal algorithm of actions for runners and cyclists. It is necessary to stop. A huge mistake is acceleration of the movement. of People has to keep calm , the full stop before a dog will be the best option. If the animal is already got, it is impossible to shout, look fool in the face or to move regardless of obstacles, it is recommended to stand a semi-side and to wait for calm of the pet.

In that case when attack is inevitable, is recommended to protect itself from serious injuries . For this purpose the jacket is reeled up on a hand or any subject undertakes. It is important to try that the dog bit it.

Then to you it is not necessary to escape, an animal soon to release production and will leave if not to set on it.

The most serious damages can be put to a throat, fingers of hands, a femoral artery and also a thorax. In advance it is worth substituting an animal footwear or a sleeve to avoid damages.

With observance of all security measures it is possible to continue to run or ride a bike even in that area where dog lovers constantly walk or homeless animals run.

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