• Aug 29, 2019

You, Cheloveki, sometimes say that We, Animals, do something "without the reason", "all of a sudden". But so tell only those to Cheloveki which do not understand Us from the word "absolutely".

 the Horse dumped the rider of a photo

On a photo: resistance of the Horse led to falling of the Person. Also the temptation is very high to accuse of all the Horse, to tell that she resists "without the reason".

But at Us, Animals without the reason nothing happens.

We are in general very rational beings. But at the same time we do not tsiklitsya as you, on the past or the future. We live here and now. And if we do something (or we do not do), so here and now at us on that is a good reason.

it is simple

you, Cheloveki, this reason you cannot (and most often you do not want) to look for. Preferring to fight against the investigations. What is quite silly for Universe Wreaths with which you rumple yourself, but as is.

For example, one of Chelovekov writes that her Horse does not obey ("without the reason"), let us assume, refuses to do some exercise. And others joyfully write Cheloveki to the answer as it is better to force this Horse (how strongly to beat – it at them is called "to advance" — and what additional instruments of tortures to use).

Of course, it is simpler to force – than to look for the reasons. Why the Horse DOES NOT WANT to do that how the Person considers, she CAN do? And the reasons can be much. Pain, fatigue, fear, lack of motivation … Or it just cannot – for example, is insufficiently prepared. Or, eventually, does not find it necessary to do something for THIS Person because in their relations there is no mutual respect and trust, so, there are no bases for any joint activity.

But a counter (as my Person likes to speak) that any of these reasons shifts responsibility to you, Chelovekov. Also forces to strain brains and to look for the decision. And it is much simpler to think that you certainly are right, and it We, so ungrateful Animals and strange we behave. WITHOUT the REASON.

 the Bay horse jumps a photo On a photo: I which does nothing without the reason:-)

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