• Aug 29, 2019

Surprising you are beings, Cheloveki. Constantly you compete among themselves and you try to sorevnovat us. And it is surprising to listen sometimes to your reasonings on the one which of Us, is cleverer than Animals and who is sillier. For example, dog or cat? Horse or pig?

 Intelligence of animals

It seems to me, this question in itself – not really … kind of it to tell … clever. Because here you consider that Monkeys – your relatives. And they really very clever, can also solve complex problems. And Dogs, in your opinion, not such clever. But at the same time Dogs understand your, Human, gestures also watch the direction of a look – and Monkeys of it are not able. Wolves, by the way, too are not able – though many consider that they it is smarter than Dogs. Like, Dogs in the course of domestication degraded, turned into eternal children.

But at you, Chelovekov, is a good saying: "Who what studied as".

And your well-known IQ test – it is considered universal only because measures different spheres of your, Human intelligence. For example, the level of logical thinking can be very high, and spatial – below an average, but one as a result compensates another, and the total figure all the same can turn out high. And would measure only spatial thinking as the only criterion of intelligence – so my Person would study at school for mentally retarded. Oh, we also wandered on forests and fields in search of a way home … in due time

Someone from you, Chelovekov, knows 15 languages in perfection – and someone goes to Stockholm behind the Nobel Prize on physics. Which of these Chelovekov is cleverer?

And with Us, Animals.

Here We, Horses, how clever, in your opinion?

 Clever horse

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