• Aug 29, 2019

At you, Chelovekov, is a saying: "The grass is always greener on the other side". And sometimes you throw familiar spots and are let in a travel with the one way ticket to look happiness in the foreign land. And to these you are not unique – We, Animals, are capable of moving too. Or, speaking our language, Migration.

The Bay Horse Runs in a High Grass of a Photo

On a photo: I, Gonzhik, in person. Photo : elsie-by.livejournal.com

Why move animals (migrate)?

You for certain will be occurred at once by Migratory Birds. But I for Birds will not speak – I am not a Bird.

I will tell for the relatives, though distant (including in territorial sense) – Gnu Antelopes.

Every August Antelopes of the Gnu gather in huge herds for Great Migration – they move (more precisely, of course, pass) through border – from the country of Tanzania to the country of Kenya. The matter is that in August the grass in Tanzania, alas, practically disappears – in many respects thanks to efforts of Antelopes I Bend, of course. And they begin to grumble that supposedly there the grass is more green and is more sweet! And at last decide on migration.

But the problem is that in Kenya the territory where Gnu Antelopes can be grazed, less, and a grass comes to an end there soon. And in the homeland by then grows up! Then Gnu Antelopes start over again grumbling supposedly not so all and is iridescent in this foreign land … Also start on a way back!

Among you, Chelovekov, by the way, I heard, it too not a rarity when on the new homeland soon becomes тяжковато, and you return to the former residence – and suddenly here the grass managed to become green?

These moving, of course, are accompanied by some inconveniences and even risks. Only the Crocodiles who are carrying out a role of customs are happy – Gnu Antelopes when crossing border render them tribute – the stood gaping or insufficiently prompt relatives.

And I here do not like to move. Well them, these moving! One stress from them …

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