• Jan 9, 2020

Milana recently, on June 17, was 10 years old. Very funny she at us appeared. The father told at once: I do not want a pug. Not purebred parents did not want to take – were afraid. Chose between a spitz-dog and a retriever. But a retriever to the two-room apartment not really. And the spitz-dog costs about 1000 dollars. The father told: "If buy a pug, then I will not touch him at all". And here, for birthday of the brother, spontaneously went to choose a dog. The brother wanted to buy the computer, and we a dog.

In nursery brought us 8 or 10 puppies. We wanted the girl. And from the remained little girls Milana, parting forcibly all, runs up to me and begins to lick footwear. The father then told, taking the baby on hands: "It is our dog, we take away". And the brother when saw the new family member, did not believe at all. At us then still the cat of the house lived. She also was shocked, could not understand that for a puzatik brought.

pug, pet on a photo: pug Milana and her hostess, Darya Talyko

Happens that the pet categorically does not accept the new family member. What your cat had reaction to the new ward?

The cat at us in principle was characteristic, was scratched. But never got a dog. A paw could snatch, but without claws. Over time they became friends more: together slept, together stole food. Now Mickey steals, throws off food, it eats Mylan, and Mickey goes down and does not understand where stocks got to.

What character at your pug? As far as it curious, active?

Milana has very infantile character. We wanted puppies, but we were told that Milana will not be able to have children. They say that pugs well get on with other pugs, but it not about Milana: she does not love pugs. With age she built up fighting spirit. Rushes on staffordshire, can bark at dogs in a window. But devoted. Loves the father very much.

Milana – my shadow. Likes to go behind house. It is very vigorous. But it is possible to walk it and at 7 in the morning, and at 2 o'clock in the afternoon as we will wake up.

pug, pet on a photo: pug Milana

As far as this breed, pugs, demands communication? It can remain for a long time one?

Communication, attention is necessary for 24/7. If, for example, you go down to take away mail — she already misses. But one should remain it anyway, there is no choice. At first whined. Already calmed down, got used. Generally, matured, and now, as a rule, she sleeps.

you to Milan trained? Pugs give in to training?

Milana can "sit", is able "to give a paw" and to give "five". It gives in to training, but we somehow stopped on these basic teams.

the pug in food Is choosy?

We definitely do not complain of appetite. Eats in general all. Loves baby food with porridges. The father indulges to Milan desertikam. For example, cottage cheese with dry breakfasts "Nesquik". I give a dry feed as yum-yum.

What difficulties in care of pugs?

At us with problem ears, hernia was. And so, there are no difficulties special. Only get fat quickly. And it is difficult to lose weight.

It is subject Milan to influence of weather conditions?

Cold is transferred badly. When leaves, and on the street a hard frost, raises a paw with a look "carry me". At us there is a lot of clothes, but it hates Mylan. Too hard transfers a heat. But it is the general complexity for breed.

For what person, in your opinion, this breed will be suitable?

For depressive. Who constantly feels loneliness, longs. The breed will be ideal for such person. Milana, for example, is very sensitive to mood and always tries to improve it. But, if feels strongly tension, then itself can be upset very much.

pug, pet on a photo: pug Milana

And, finally, tell couple more of the interesting facts about Milan.

When the father goes to a business trip, the baby goes to a depression. Not to amuse her in any way, very much longs.

From her childhood there is an amusing story. When Milana was little, we went to the first exhibition, just to get acquainted with other dog lovers, to have a good time. Brought her to a ring, there judges sit, it is a lot of people. The father went with her, we with mother stand, and Milan in the middle of crowd before judges sits down and pisat. Of course, it was very a shame to us and it is awkward. And Milan with such look rises: "And what? It was impossible? So I did not understand".

And still she adores compliments. Anyone will tell a compliment — is ready to leave with it. When down the street we go, someone will tell it that it very beautiful – and it is already developed, went …

pug, pet on a photo: pug Milana and her hostess, Darya Talyko "

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