• Jan 8, 2020
Kan Corso – a universal dog. They were brought as security guards and used as etching dogs on hunting. Now a fundamental obligation to Cana corso — a dog bodyguard. It is serious breed with which it is necessary to be engaged much.
Kan Corso
On a photo: to Cana corso

Character to Cana corso

Kan Corso — the devoted dog tied to the family. And they idolize "the" people. And it is family dog. We have a small child who can quietly cope with any of our dogs.
Kan Corso was removed also as a dog nurse. On the historical homeland, in Italy when parents worked, dogs were engaged in education of children. Therefore to Cana corso love children and suffer manifestations of their love. However I would not recommend to leave the small child alone with a large dog — and it concerns any breed. The dog can unsuccessfully turn and drop the child.
As for relationship among themselves, at our dogs senior a bough, and all submit to it. Girls can try to sort out the relations among themselves, but if to separate them, then everything will be normal.
of Observation of the manufacturer: In youth to Cana corso can treat with vigilance strangers, but adult dogs who realize the force behave is balanced, is quiet and are afraid of nothing. It is necessary to try that to provoke them. Though if the dog badly feels, she is more irritable.
However, everything depends on mentality of a dog and on education. If the dog is correctly removed and grown up, she will not attack people without team if she does not see danger or threat. It is natural if she sees threat, then will react.
will Not bark without the reason for Cana corso. But if ring the on-door speakerphone, begins to protect — and it will be loud.
Security guards they good, will also unambiguously protect the house and the family.
Kan Corso
On a photo: to Cana corso
my dog does not react To foreign animals, in fights does not get involved. Girls are more emotional and if to offend them, they can get involved in a fight. But most often they play with other dogs. However, we try not to play with little dogs because there is a risk to trample, without having calculated force.
our cat sends dogs and easily can nadavat them on a muzzle, but she is more senior than dogs — is able to afford. Foreign cats always run away from us, and at a dog the hunter's instinct works. But did not allow to catch up therefore it is unknown, than the pursuit would end.
Kan Corso are very emotional. When we come back home, minutes 10 will be jumps and licking. As for sensitivity, as well as any animal, they can take offense, but for a while.
Loneliness at the same time they transfer
normally. While wait for owners, sleep. Boughs is more sociable, than dogs, but also they are capable to live day alone.
Recommendation of the manufacturer: However consider that young dogs or need to leave a heap of toys that they did not turn home decoration into toys, or to isolate from them objects especially expensive to your heart. Adult dogs do not sin with it.

Education and training to Cana corso

Kan Corso, they perfectly give in to training very clever and bright.
U of one of our dogs is diplomas in the general course of training and in protective guard duty.
the Main motivation for Cana corso – yum-yum or a praise, they are pronounced food industry workers.
Kan Corso
On a photo: to Cana corso

Leaving for Cana corso

is asked Sometimes whether much places are taken by this dog. We live in the apartment, and at me two adults to Cana corso and a puppy. They are not visible and it is not heard. That is the dog seemingly big but to tell that she takes a lot of place, I cannot.
of Observation of the manufacturer: Are easily accustomed by Kan Corso to a toilet on the street. Our puppies in 4 months at 4-hrazovy walking do all things on the street.
Care of wool simple, but during a molt of dogs it is necessary to comb out. At Cana corso there are 2 types of wool: with an underfur and without underfur. Of course, if there is an underfur, it is necessary to comb out also it.
On a photo: to Cana corso
Kan Corso is rather well transferred winter, but if you keep this dog in the open-air cage, it has to be warmed. If temperature is lower than-15 degrees, I dress the dogs in overalls.
of Observation of the manufacturer: We walk with the to Cana corso 1.5 — 2 hours a day. Ours a bough needs active occupations — it is very vigorous lady. It is more preferable to a dog foot walks and the bicycle. But on cyclings I try not to send him because the dog heavy, weighs 60 kg.

Feeding to Cana corso

to Cana corso sit on a professional forage. They like to eat, but even if not to limit them in food, they will stop. They have a norm, it is more which they do not eat.

Health to Cana corso

As well as at all large dogs, a weak point at Cana corso on health are joints. These dogs are checked for a dysplasia of coxofemoral joints.
Can check also heart, but there is no mandatory test.
Give birth to Cana corso usually independently.
Unfortunately, grow old molossa before many other breeds. Average life expectancy to Cana corso — about 10 years.
Kan Corso of a Photo
On a photo: to Cana corso

What owner is necessary to Cana corso?

the Owner has to be self-organized, giving the report that a dog after all big, serious with which it is necessary to be engaged. On a sofa in itself good to Cana corso will not grow.
puppy to photo Cana corso

On a photo: puppy to Cana corso

A photo of dogs of breed to Cana corso from personal archive of Irina Astapenko "

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