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" "For the person of an Akita Inu it is ready for everything!"

Why Akita Inu?

It since the childhood – love to shpitseobrazny. My parents always had likes – working hunting dogs. But to take now a hunting dog to keep her in the apartment, it seemed unfair to an animal. When chose breed, stopped on that which best of all gets on with people and will not long so for hunting. And chose very long, about two years, communicated much with manufacturers of various breeds and when for the first time saw puppies of an Akita Inu, fell in love at first sight with it "the Treasure of Japan".
Though Akita too initially were hunting dogs (they were used for hunting for boars, bears), but over time the purpose changed. However, hunting instincts remained: we, for example, long learned not to pay attention to the squirrels and hares living in the neighboring park.

Akita Inu

What character at an Akita-inu?

Character at an Akita catlike independent. It is possible to tell that it is a cat dogs are obese. Cynologists not really like to work with akita owing to their independence. In order that this dog did that you want, you have to be the undisputed leader. On a genotype they are closer to wolves, than and qualities of their character are caused.

Historically so it developed img src="/upload/temp-content/uploads/posts/2018-04/1523879678_img_0051.jpg" of alt="Akita with a Dog" class="img-responsive" that in character properties of a hunting, guard, sentry and fighting dog intertwined. And at all this Akita Inu – the beautiful partner.

As is correct to build relationship with an Akita Inu?

The owner of an Akita has to have strong character. This dog will not suit the flabby person at all. At Akita puppies such mimishny appearance that there is a strong wish to indulge them and extremely difficult to find forces not to put a puppy, for example, near itself on a bed or to refuse excess yum-yum when he stridently looks in the face.
of the Akita Inu should not feel equal to the person. Though in this case it will constantly check whether room of the leader was made and whether it is impossible to occupy it. The most banal is an attempt of a dog to do cages on the person or to climb on a sofa or a bed, to take the place above, to go the first. Such things should be stopped, but it is soft.

Akita Sideways
need to be considered that the Akita does not bear humiliation or violence at all. Once once she hurts, and she will never forget it. To induce an Akita something cannot be do. Manufacturers (at least, conscientious) very carefully study people to whom sell a puppy because akit quite often return. The puppy chooses to himself the owner early enough (aged from 4 up to 8 months) and if at this moment the Akita changes the owner or the owner does not cope with her character, rather difficult dog who will decide what to do, not in view of opinion of people turns out. And it is very dangerous to a big dog. As a rule, the Akita – the food industry worker and well is based on delicacy. Take not really active part in games. The important award is a social motivation: a praise, stroking, an opportunity to be near the person.
If the Akita Inu understands that you are its a person, it will make for you all and without hesitation will go to fire and water. Trust and respect – here the main keys to mutual understanding establishment.

Occurs opinion that an Akita Inu – quite spiteful dog. Whether truth it?

I would not tell. The Akita Inu is a dog who got used to be a leader in any situation.
If to take the history of breed, then there was a moment when in Japan they were almost exterminated – there were some tens of individuals then the emperor issued the decree on protection and restoration of breed as national property. Naturally, for restoration of a sort only the strongest dogs, alpha males were used. And desire to dominate, be the leader took roots in this breed at the genetic level. It is necessary to reckon with it.

The Akita Lies
our dog has no Rage to people at all. Moreover, he so loves children that it was necessary to work on that at it to reduce excitement at the sight of the child. For this purpose on the street we came from the first walks, sat down near the playground, kids ran up, and so far Tosha will not calm down, I did not allow children it to iron. At the same time the Akita, for example, does not need to be taught protection. Because if you – "her person", then in case of danger she will protect you even without the corresponding training.

And how the Akita Inu gets on with other animals?

My dog does not show much interest in other dogs. It has several friends little girls with whom it can play – and all.
To cats the relation quiet. At the manufacturer there lived a cat, and Toshiko since the childhood got used to play with cats. At parents there lives a Maine Coon now, and at their meetings it is necessary to save not a cat, but a dog.

Akita Close Up
Akita in a Profile

As the Akita Inu transfers loneliness?

It was the most difficult thing in the course of adaptation. When we took a puppy, the first 2 months we had a holiday that the kid quietly adapted. And then it was necessary to leave a weeks more 2 – 3 to the turned-on radio, light that the puppy did not feel absolutely lonely.
Now, having remained alone, the dog just sleeps.

How to look after an Akita-inu?

Two times in a year of an Akita Inu fade, and it is necessary to comb out it. As a rule, it vylinivat in 2 – 3 weeks.
Walking at us now two times: minutes in the 40th morning and it is not less than 1 hour in evening. During week-end we walk more, we go to the forest where the dog can be released from a lead and to give the chance to be run properly.

Akita in a Rack
Akita of Red Colour
Akita in All Growth

with What to feed an Akita-inu?

Eat an Akita well and in food are unpretentious. Our dog eats "naturalka" as from last year he just refused to eat a dry feed. Sometimes we cook to it food, sometimes we buy ready diets.

Akita in the Correct Rack

That at an Akita Inu with health?

As well as at any large breed, at akit there are problems with joints, including risk of a dysplasia.
Also periodically meets an allergy, but sometimes take dermatological diseases for manifestations of an allergy.
From genetic diseases at akit there are problems with eyes – it is necessary to check them. for the rest the Akita Inu have problems with health of no

What differs in an Akita Inu from the American Akita?

The American Akita is an Akita Inu, crossed to a German shepherd and a mastiff.
at the time of war was authorized to hold only German shepherds. And that did not exterminate akit, they began to be crossed to German shepherds. Very interesting hybrid turned out: more executive dog having at the same time force and intelligence of an Akita. These hybrids took out to America and registered as an Akita there. Because of this confusion of FCI long could not register an Akita, and only recently registered them as "Akita-inu" — "ina" is meant by "dog".

For whom will be suitable an Akita Inu?

First of all for the strong, strong-willed person. Comfortably in the company of an Akita the introvert since it is dogs who perfectly spend time in the company of the owners, will feel other people and animals interest them a little.
would like to tell at the end that the Akita Inu is the dog Samurai living under the code of honor. The concept and adoption of this code will become pledge of the long and fruitful relations between the owner and his dog.

Akita Fullface
Akita and Person
Akita on Hinder Legs

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