• Jan 13, 2020


the Pomeranian spitz-dog will suit all: these dogs benevolent, mobile, keep playfulness till an extreme old age.

Spitz-dogs are absolutely deprived of aggression and can become the loyal friend both for the adult, and for the child. However depends much on how adults will organize communication of children and a canine friend. It is necessary to raise children more, to learn correctly to treat a dog. Besides, spitz-dogs – fragile doggies therefore I do not sell puppies in family with children of preschool age.

The Pomeranian spitz-dog quietly stays at home one. But it is necessary to walk and leave him well "pogryzushka" that to the pet was what itself to be engaged. The main thing that the puppy knew that the owner will surely return.

of Observation of the manufacturer: A lot of things in behavior of a spitz-dog depend on socialization and education. Some not especially like to communicate with relatives, others joyfully join in a game. But if everything is made correctly, the Pomeranian spitz-dog, anyway — absolutely adequate dog.
Pomeranian spitz-dog bitter orange apricot photo you will not call
of the Pomeranian spitz-dog the one-woman man. As a rule, they quite easily endure change of the owner and adapt to new conditions. But at the same time can be jealous the owner of other pets living in the same family.
the Pomeranian spitz-dogs are good security guards, unnoticed on the territory entrusted to them nobody will get.

Maintenance and leaving

is not so difficult to look after the Pomeranian spitz-dog as can seem.
should Bathe these dogs not more often than 1 time a month. More frequent "water procedures" not really well influence a condition of wool and leather. Puppies can be badmouthed, at the same time they "will dry up", will shake off – and wool was purified.
Few times in a week of a spitz-dog needs to brush, paying special attention to areas behind ears, under mice, on the internal surface of hips where wool rolls down quicker.
of the Recommendation of the manufacturer: According to the standard of breed of the Pomeranian spitz-dog do not cut. Only the form is given to ears, "cat's pads" become, for hygienic reasons it is possible to cut wool around an anus.
As required cut off to the pet claws.
As for feeding, my dogs eat a dry feed of a superpremium class, and more nothing is necessary for them. I can sometimes indulge them with carrot, banana, a kiwi, an apple. But entirely it is quite difficult to balance natural feeding, and experiments can pour out in problems with health.
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The more small a dog, the longer it, as a rule, lives. Therefore 15 years, and even are more — normal life expectancy of the Pomeranian spitz-dog.
the Pomeranian spitz-dog — one of the most safe breeds on health. There are no specific problems which would pursue them, and in cultivation we select healthy dogs. But it does not mean that it is possible not to care for health of the pet.
of the Recommendation of the manufacturer: The "weak" place — joints so, as well as all representatives of small breeds, you should not force a canine friend to jump, especially on back pads.

Sometimes slightly eyes "leak". Sometimes it is enough to clean plaintive channels, and the problem leaves. It is sometimes connected with allergic reaction, and then it is necessary to remove what caused an allergy.

the Pomeranian spitz-dogs are quite heavy in cultivation. I without veterinarian will not deliver a spitz-dog: the risk of complications is too high. On average, in a dung 2 — 3 puppies.

How to choose a puppy?

Unfortunately, now in Belarus for the Pomeranian spitz-dogs sometimes give not spitz-dogs at all. And at times even the experienced manufacturer cannot define what will grow from a tiny, charming lump. Therefore main council: you look at parents.
thoroughbred Pomeranian spitz-dog of a photo the Low cost has to guard with
more likely, than attract. The good spitz-dog cannot cost little. Unfortunately, when the breed becomes fashionable, appears many unfair manufacturers, so-called "razvedenets". Each puppy has to have a pet passport with inoculations, the kid has to be дегельминтизирован and have a genealogical or puppyish card. Therefore it is necessary to choose nursery very carefully.

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