• Jan 13, 2020


A poodle — the intellectual. He is sensitive to nuances of a condition of the owner, tries to catch his eye. If you are not adjusted to communicate, he can leave you alone.

the Poodle — a kind, tender dog. They are not sensitive, do not show aggression in relation to people. Can stand for themselves in communication with other dogs, but in general treat other animals, even to cats calmly.
Black Poodle

Poodles perfectly adapt to new conditions, well study owners and use "practices" for personal reasons. They treat all family members very kindly, love all.

Poodles adore being the focus of attention, love when admire them. It is breed for adults, but not for children as poodles sometimes perceive the child as the competitor in fight for attention. However, at the correct education and training can become your child the loyal friend and the companion for games. It is necessary to remember, nevertheless, that the dog is not a toy.

The loneliness not really is pleasant to a poodle, but he is ready to endure it if it is necessary. However if the dog absolutely starts missing, can "bring order" to the apartment.

Poodles are very active, cheerful dogs. It can walk for hours, well proves in sport and remains playful till an extreme old age. Calm down too quickly enough.

The poodle is inquisitive, adores visiting new places, well postpones travel.

Education and training

Poodles easily study, long remember learned. Well acquire rules of the schedule, without problems are accustomed to walking. It is possible to teach a poodle to anything.
At a poodle a big lexicon, he remembers a huge number of words, including synonyms.


requires Special attention care of wool (the poodle needs to be combed out, bathed, regularly to visit the hairdresser). The poodle will be beautiful only if you do not regret time, forces and money for care of it.
But is also pluses: the poodle does not fade. People can even get him with a slight allergy.
Apricot Poodle Hairstyle of a Poodle

Poodles have no specific smell of wool that is big advantage to room contents.


Poodles sometimes suffer from an allergy. However any dog can pick up a forage.


Average life expectancy of a poodle — about 15 years.
It is worth watching a condition of a dog. If it sluggish, apathetic is an occasion to address the veterinarian.
Teeth and ears require special attention.

What owner is necessary to a poodle?

the Poodle — a dog for the active owner. To the person leading an inactive life, the breed not really approaches.
But a big variety of the sizes and coloring allows everyone to choose the pet to liking.

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