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We planned to get a dog long ago, but something stopped every time. Then the child grew up and began to ask the pet. In the beginning we considered small dogs, something like a spitz-dog or a Yorkshire terrier, but once I offered the husband and the son: and why don't we get a beagle? Showed photos. And chose this breed.
Beagle of a Photo
On a photo: beagle Bae

What character at a beagle?

In the beginning we were guided by appearance, and about character read in general: nonaggressive, cheerful, playful – generally, everything is remarkable. Yes, of course, we saw video on the Internet as beagles do repair in the apartment, destroy ceilings and walls, but thought: yes well, there cannot be it. We did not pay attention and that it is a hunting dog: well and, the hound – probably, runs much. And all.
From experience: When Bae at us appeared, we understood at once that it is the ideal partner for the child. The son at that time was 4 years old. From the very beginning we let know what the puppy here not main and the child can do with it anything (of course, within reasonable). Stopped all attempts to pull down socks from the child, for example, or to select toys. But Bae also did not try especially. According to him it is visible that he is absolutely quiet, patient, friendly dog. Of course, for family with the child it is important plus. And when we go to the country to the companies, I know beyond doubt that it will never touch children.
Now to the son of 5 years, and I know that if they begin to play, then it is better to close behind them a door and it happens not to interfere nothing terrible –.
the Beagle and to strangers of aggression does not show
, willingly makes contact.
Bae perfectly gets on with other animals. He does not understand that it is possible to fight with someone. Any animals, including cats, he perceives as companions with whom it is possible to play cool.
Beagle and Hungarian Left a Photo
On a photo: a beagle Beng and Hungarian left
About the fact that beagles gnaw everything. When Bae was little, he погрыз footwear at cost approximately on three himself. And he chose only hairpins and the most expensive footwear. Still he сгрыз a wire which the husband could not remove long time under a plinth.
From experience: Now at our place socks and toys do not roll, footwear is in a cupboard because the dog disciplined us. It takes nothing any more, but when the dog the whole day of one house – you never know comes to its mind. We перестраховываемся. 
For many people the beagle of Home Alone is serious and, it seems, the biggest problem. During a shchenyachestvo and change of teeth the beagle, as well as any other dog, can really cause damage. And in time not modified behavior can turn back a problem for owners for the next years. I sprayed corners, jambs, footwear and furniture with special means from pogryz. It stopped our dog, it did not like to smell and try on tooth what is covered with this solution. The corner of a sofa saved the Tabasco sauce with garlic! Over time, Beymaks understood that dog toys and delicacies are far more tasty, and it is possible to receive punishment or the full ignore list for the spoiled shoe or a mop.
From experience: By the way, during change of teeth, we brought home sticks and branches. Of course, then it was necessary to mop floors, but it saved legs of chairs from a beagle beaver. Still perfectly "long-playing" pogryzuchka worked – the bull root, and from toys which could occupy for a long time Bae most of all was pleasant, I would recommend usual plastic bottles with delicacy inside and the rubber ball, with openings for vkusnyashka – smells delicious, perfectly scratches teeth, carries away for a long time.
Still I recommend to limit to
a little beagle in movement on the apartment when you there is no house. Someone chooses a cage, but we against it! We are limited to a long corridor. Someone chooses a balcony (beagles adore looking out of the window!!!), someone kitchen, the main thing – to organize space so that all forbidden was inaccessible, there were no wires energized, glass objects, etc.
Now our beagle quietly remains to Home Alone, suffers how many it is necessary, does not howl, does not gnaw furniture in the hall and does not eat footwear which we quietly leave in a corridor when we leave for work. It is a little patience, cunning, time – and a biglerazrushitel can turn into adequate, well or almost adequate dog.
Beagle in a Photo Jacket
On a photo: beagle Bae
When Bae was small, few weeks howled, and now, having remained one, just sleeps. Neighbors do not complain.
By the way, at beagles very beautiful bark. And we always recognize him. Historically it developed so that beagles on hunting by voice call the owner. And he does not bark and as though sings.
From experience: Bae – that still the fan to rummage in a garbage can. Our case with a wastebasket is closed on a special lock from of IKEA from curious children. But Bae knows what at the owner cannot be done it, he also is glad when nobody sees, but the magic lock is invincible.
Yet we try to give
never to a dog of yum-yum from a table, but Beymaks every time hopes that the look of a cat from Shrek will help to get though a piece. Sometimes it works, especially on children and guests! By the way, Bae understood that it is the best of all to sit near youngest – there and the piece can drop out of a mouth, and with training not so everything is strict.
A for Bae exists the rule (he thought up him): at owners from a table not to steal and if nobody saw – means, "crime" was not. We try to fight against it, but without look eye to eye with the owner, as a rule, the beagle loses control over himself.
Beagle of a Photo
On a photo: beagle Bae

it is difficult to look after a beagle?

the Beagle – very convenient dog, he does not demand any special leaving.
Is natural, it needs to be fed, walked and washed when it is soiled – but nothing supernatural. Of course, during a molt the vacuum cleaner can be not removed, but it concerns practically any dog. Yes, somewhere there is a wool, somewhere – dust, but it does not need to be combed out for hours, to bleach, look for some special forage that at it eyes, etc. did not redden
A yet if we as planned, got a Yorkshire terrier, a spitz-dog or a toy terrier, my husband as it seems to me, never in life would walk with a dog. And the beagle is very men's dog, and they with my husband had many common interests: they ride on the park a bicycle, together with the neighbor, the professional hunter, go into the woods. Generally, they had the men's company.
From experience: Bae walks at least 2 hours a day. He has to run about properly so walks active. Of course, he with pleasure would always play with dogs, but we understood that it is not really good – with a beagle better to walk in private, then there is an opportunity to communicate and correct his behavior.
Beagle in Photo Snow On a photo: beagle Bae

However, whether what on walk the beagle can be fond and leave?

We walk without lead, but yes – the main minus of a beagle is his nose. It is not really convenient also in the household plan. In general, Bae is not a glutton, he knows when to stop in food. But if began to smell than - that tasty, he cannot just behave. And on the street any smells just dement him.
is necessary a certain discipline Here, we were engaged with the cynologist. And I strongly recommend all people who have a beagle, to be engaged, complete the general course of training because the behavior of a beagle very well gives in to adjustment.
From experience: I for myself understood that if I go with Bae for a walk and I at the same time do not want to run, look for behind him him, then it is simpler to take with itself some delicacy, a toy, to find a stick and is constant to communicate with it: to call up and treat, play, etc.
the Beagle – not that dog who can just be released from a lead in the yard – and all. It needs to be carried away during walk. He likes to look for objects and to bring sticks is its instinct. Though houses he behaves absolutely quietly.
The Beagle Bears a Photo Stick
On a photo: beagle Bae

But there is an opinion that it is heavy to train a beagle …

is a lie, they very well give in to training. If, for example, I take with myself cheese or any other delicacy – it is ready to make anything. For an hour it is possible to teach it to any team.
But needs to train a beagle only in a key, cheerful, comfortable for it. Through fear and a beating this dog will never study. And for food they perfectly are based.
Beagle in Photo Snow
On a photo: beagle Bae
From experience: We gained the working diploma of the II degree in a blood trace. During hunting beagles work at distance – the dog has to return to the owner or wait for it, calling up the bark. Therefore, tests and occupations for hunting dogs is an excellent training for a beagle, development of intellectual qualities, disclosure of an instinct and an opportunity to teach a beagle is correct to behave without lead.
of Kursing for dogs helps to develop working qualities and still it is an excellent alternative to useless walks with other dogs. Run for a mechanical hare helps to keep good physical shape – the natural rhythm of run and speed, optimum for a dog, help to develop muscle bulk correctly without harm for health of a dog (unlike run behind bicycle with the owner).
Beagle Also Left on a Photo Swing
On a photo: a beagle Beng and Hungarian left

you participate in exhibitions?

Earlier we considered that very strange people are engaged in exhibitions. But once we accidentally there were tightened, and it became clear that it is very hazardous. We were fond, we had true friends with whom it is very comfortable to communicate.
We late began to participate in exhibitions, but Bae already closed the champion's title in several countries (Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine).
Is an excellent occasion to go to a travel all family. And with Bae it is very comfortable to travel. In the car he sleeps, in cafe behaves mannerly. The main thing to watch that he did not escape.
Beagle of a Photo
On a photo: beagle Bae
of the Photo from personal archive of Aleksandra Sidorenko

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