• Dec 27, 2019
In the childhood when there were neither encyclopedias, nor the Internet, dreamed of a dog, ideal for me. Large, strong, independent, but at the same time betrayed and loving. On appearance, in children's drawings the beauceron turned out. But at that time I was sure that such dog is only my imagination. And later, in school days, saved up after lunches of money and bought the encyclopedia about breeds of dog. And there saw that everything that I draw and so I want, it is embodied in a beauceron. But, of course, we then did not have them. And only rather recently, four years ago, absolutely "accidentally", I bought the dream: two puppies.
So far in Belarus is not enough beaucerons. The only nursery which is known to me — ours.


Initially beaucerons were used as shepherd's dogs and security guards. Also they took part at the time of World War II as guard dogs. That is the beauceron is completely universal sheep-dog.
of Observation of the manufacturer: On temperament beaucerons semi-choleric persons semi-sanguine persons, this dog very independent, courageous, strong, for 100% the worker. "On a sofa" they will not approach.
Is clear that it is the partner, but I cannot imagine a beauceron without any purpose. This dog needs to be got for something, to be engaged with her. They can do everything: riding sport, campaigns, dog agility, OKD, protection, frisbee, IPO, trace work — anything on your taste, but is obligatory to occupy with something a beauceron.
French sheep-dog beauceron of a photo
you will not wait for
of Slave submission from a beauceron. This is the personality. Thanks to initial purpose of breed (pasturage and protection of sheep and other farm animals), beaucerons are rather independent and independent. While it is absolutely family dog adoring all and everyone in family their position of "observer" in the house is very much felt.
of Observation of the manufacturer: The beauceron cannot be subordinated by force or roughness. He will never submit, but will "despise" such owner and to go obstinate even more. The only way — mutual understanding.
the Most important is to come into contact, to find approach to a dog, and then she will make for you anything. And for this purpose it is necessary to be not that the zoopsychologist, but to read literature, to resemble to the cynologist occupations and, naturally, to feel the pet. In this case you will understand each other without words.
Beaucerons very much like to graze
. Any group of people or animals can fall "victim": puppies, kittens, group of mushroom pickers in the forest – the beauceron will surely run all over all around, driving in one "herd".
of Observation of the manufacturer: The most part of our beaucerons is able to smile, and in the course of "pasturage" are pinched, strictly front cutters.
Is opinion that beaucerons are inclined to cowardice. On the experience I can tell that for several generations of dogs of this breed whose behavior I observed personally, noticed only lack of due socialization that was adjusted without any efforts.
French sheep-dog of a photo
Recommendation of the manufacturer: Socialization needs to pay special attention — as well as for any breed .
our dogs live in the village, and in the winter there is empty, dogs even have nobody to show. Therefore during socialization we take out dogs to the city or we go to walk: we go along the route, to the neighboring "live" village. And when we come to competitions where crowds of people, shouts, the overexcited dogs, our pets very quickly adapt. Beaucerons in general very quickly get used to a new situation.
Beaucerons very active, and with them it is necessary to work hard to provide an energy output. For example, in the winter we can go on a team from six beaucerons to 20 — 40 kilometers, and to dogs it for pleasure.
Recommendation of the manufacturer: Just beaucerons will not be satisfied with walking on gram, walking for them — nothing. It is necessary to occupy both a brain of a dog, and her muscle, giving them loading .
When our days which are very loaded by affairs, I open open-air cages and we play frizb (I use two plates at once that process went continuously). There is enough hour that surplus of energy and a dog quietly were released walked across the territory.
French sheep-dog beauceron of a photo
Beaucerons perfectly work: both for a toy, and for delicacy, and just for a praise. They are very clever, capable to study in the way of imitation. I threw a plate to our pit bull terrier, and senior a bough beauceron saw it, and looking at it I understood at once that Royce knows what needs to be done. The dog who was not taught at that time still an aportirovka, especially, to catch a subject in air, caught and brought a plate from the first. It "trained" then in this game all pack.
the Beauceron — very family, sociable dog, loneliness transfers badly. If you work hard also free time a little, the breed will not suit you, for 8 — 10 hours will not leave them. The beauceron who did not accustom to remain one with boredom and a grief of loneliness can seriously damage property.
Beaucerons excellent security guards. Even without special occupations they will protect the territory and to oblaivat strangers. But at the same time, if the owner told: "" — means, the. It is possible to teach a beauceron to protection, and it is possible not to do it — and then you will have the kindest (but all the same adequately assessing a situation) a dog in the world. TEXT

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