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Our nursery exists 10 years. We seek to breed dogs of the correct breed and with good mentality that they were the real partners for any owner, both for the child, and for the elderly person. And whenever possible we try to participate in exhibitions: our a chihuahua, only in Belarus, participated in the World Cup 2016 and received assessment "very well".

On a photo: chihuahua and Japanese chin

A chihuahua – very ancient breed of dog is from Mexico. There lived chihuahuas in monasteries, and ordinary people had no right to bring them. When buried very rich people, together with them buried also their chihuahua.

Pedigree feature of a chihuahua – not overgrown fontanel. Believed earlier that thanks to it the dog keeps in contact with space.

What character at a chihuahua?

If we speak about pedigree character of a chihuahua, then this is a dog balanced and not brekhlivy. That frightens me in modern cultivation - it is adulteration of different blood (тоев, bitter oranges) with the purpose to close a fontanel, and the barking dog as a result turns out. And the real chihuahuas bark a little.

Chihuahuas should not be aggressive at all. Sociability is peculiar to their character: even if foreign person approaches, the chihuahua will rejoice. Manufacturers have to discard aggressive dogs. At the same time they have security qualities: they will not let the stranger in the house until to it the owner allows to enter.

As well as any dog, a chihuahua training is necessary, they live in society of people. Chihuahuas are perfectly trained – they do not need to repeat twice. Our dogs participate in dog agility, and in Japan train these dogs as guard dogs – for example, the chihuahua works in department of fight against drugs.

Observations of the manufacturer: The chihuahua can be a partner both for the child, and for the elderly person. The only thing – at sale of a puppy I always ask whether there are in family children up to 3 years, the child of such age cannot perceive a dog as the living being yet and is capable to do harm. My dogs perfectly treat children.

Chihuahuas perfectly get on with other animals. I have also a cat, and our puppies live in families where there are both popugaychik, and rats – nobody suffered. Among themselves dogs do not fight even for soldering.

Chihuahua and Japanese Chins of a Photo

On a photo: chihuahua and Japanese chins

Chihuahuas are capable to get used to the new owner even being adults. I brought some of my dogs adults, and they perfectly adapted in our house.

A chihuahua not against to stay at home alone, the main thing that available there were toys. As a rule, in the absence of the owner they lay down and sleep peacefully.

Observations of the manufacturer: Our chihuahuas never shkodnichat. Neither footwear, nor wires suffered. The maximum damage – a wooden stool during change of teeth.

Chihuahuas very much love people, to lie down on handles. They can be not fed, but it is obligatory to let to lie down at least near.

How to look after a chihuahua?

Care of hair of a chihuahua is minimum: the dog can be washed any dogs shampoo. And though chihuahuas are both short-haired, and long-haired, wool from them strongly does not pour.

Observations of the manufacturer: In respect of feeding of a chihuahua are unpretentious. They can eat both a dry feed, and "naturalka", and vegetables love more, than meat. My dogs eat both a dry feed, and natural products. Chihuahuas are inclined to overeating so it is necessary to watch that they did not get fat.

As for health, any my dog was not ill. Yes, the patella, a patella vyskakivaniye meets at a chihuahua, but these are genetic diseases. The manufacturer can test the dogs. My dogs passed tests, they are healthy. In Europe tests for genetic diseases are obligatory.

Give birth to a chihuahua, and it is a big rarity among tiny dogs.

Observations of the manufacturer: Walk on the street a chihuahua with pleasure and are capable to get used to two times walking. When very big frost, we put on them, but, of course, if there is a lot of snow, they owing to small growth cannot go. And sleek-haired chihuahuas need to be dressed in the winter – nevertheless we not live in Mexico. I never dress long-haired chihuahuas.

A photo from personal archive of the manufacturer


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