• Dec 28, 2019
Japanese chins appeared at me accidentally, but the farther, the more I fall in love with this breed. To me it is unclear why so know about them a little. Japanese chins are confused with Pekineses, with pugs and with papilyona, but it perfect other dog.
Japanese chin with the owner of a photo


of the Japanese chin can be compared to the Japanese equipment. This breed is not spoiled at all. Yes, they were brought specially, but it were the dogs inaccessible for most of the population. Out of borders of Japan they were taken out only by ambassadors. And still, if you want to bring a dog from there, she will be sterilized or castrated. To buy there a puppy, it is necessary to collect a huge number of recommendations, but even they will not give a guarantee that kid will sell to you. This national property.
of Observation of the manufacturer: The Japanese chin is a samurai dog. She is courageous, perfectly protects and will not give the owner in offense. But at the same time they are not aggressive and sympathetic on caress at all.
Japanese chins do not bark, they mutter. If you make something, from his point of view, wrong, he will pout and will show thus discontent. The last word has to remain behind it.
dog of breed Japanese chin response of the manufacturer of a photo the Japanese chin will not begin to be imposed to
. If you are busy, they are quite capable to occupy themselves.
Japanese chins are excellent parents. At the same time the father is the most directly involved in care of puppies and often replaces "wife" that she could have a rest.
the Japanese chin quietly remains in one afternoon. He will just lay down on a sofa and will sleep. Even if you will leave somewhere and will leave the pet "on the nurse", he will be bored for a while a couple of hours, and then he will be fed, stroked — and he will enjoy life again.
From experience: It is necessary to love a Japanese chin. For example, if our puppies leave to new owners, often already their neighbors begin to address for a puppy.

Education and training of a Japanese chin

Japanese chins are perfectly trained, they can be trained in many things. For example, these dogs can participate in dog agility.
However, they also do not need special training – just in the course of communication all grab on the fly.
Recommendation of the manufacturer: It is impossible to punish these dogs categorically! They perfectly understand words. But they in principle are not inclined to do mucks.
Japanese chins are very focused on the person therefore contact with the owner – the best motivation for them.


Japanese chins are healthy dogs. Many are afraid that because of protruding eyes there can be problems, but it not so.
Japanese Chin Photo Breed of Dog


In spite of the fact that wool at Japanese chins long and beautiful, she does not demand specific leaving. You can use usual shampoo (even without balm), to dry up the pet — and it perfectly looks.
of Observation of the manufacturer: The molt also does not bring special trouble. They have no underfur, and wool on structure reminds a human hair. Therefore perfectly combs hair, and it is easy to move away her.
Despite the lack of an underfur, winter they transfer well. It is not necessary to buy any clothes, but if you want, you can dress up the pet.
Japanese chins are very clean and have almost no smell. The dog at me goes to a toilet to the street, and "little girls" are accustomed to trays.


Strangely enough, Japanese chins not really love meat. The most important for them — vegetables. They can be beggars, but if you bring up them, will be very obedient.

A photo of Japanese chins from personal archive of the manufacturer.

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