• May 19, 2019

Disability is a trouble even for the person, and many are not able to endure it. A dog by nickname Faith from the USA by means of long trainings, having managed to overcome congenital defect, began to lead full-fledged life and got many friends. It is courageous history of a dog who learned to go on two paws.

History of a Dog Who Learned to Go on Two Paws

In 2002 in the USA, in the town of Manassas in Christmas night at a chow-chow of the Princess the puppy without forepaws was born. A dog, feeling that she with a puppy something not so, refused to feed him. The hostess Faith by the name of Jude was forced to give up for a while teaching activity to look after a shchenochok. It was helped by the son Royben. First of all a puppy it was necessary to teach to move, and for this purpose they used a skateboard. A doggie it was necessary to teach to go on hinder legs. For reasons of veterinarians, it it was impossible to make:

  • when walking at a dog of 60% of weight of a body is the share of front extremities ;
  • at load of back can arise the most severe pain .

But Jude decided not to recede as this little and defenseless being, looking at it sad and tender eyes, asked about the help, so, and could help itself. Difficult daily trainings began. For "work" the canine friend was given a spoon of peanut butter.

Trainings of a Dog of Faith

In March, 2003 Faith took the first independent steps on hinder legs, and every day they were surer. It was their general victory, and Jude laid out in network three books where described this long way. Faith became a symbol of hope and belief in own forces.

Now Faith's life is quite full-fledged. Ozzy Osbourne carried it with himself on a charity concert, she is often invited to television, the doggie has own website where comes daily hundreds of letters. Write it from the different countries about different animals: about a rate which, as well as she, was born without forepaws and learned to go to back; about Mimi's lamb from China who goes on front legs.

Dog with the Hostess Visit Hospitals

to It are written by people who appeared in a difficult situation, but, thanks to her courage, overcame the weakness and kept belief in life.

Faith has very sunshiny and gay character. When they with the hostess visit hospitals, she jumps on chambers, joyfully barks, causing the most pure and warm feelings in patients. There is Faith and in hospitals where the military who are involved in the war in Iraq lie. It gave the rank of the sergeant of the American army .

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