• Dec 27, 2019

I brought the first West Highland White Terrier to Belarus and registered the first in RB dung of dogs of this breed.

West Highland White Terrier of a Photo

On a photo: West Highland White Terrier

Character of a West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terriers are included into the three of the most popular breeds in the world thanks to attractive appearance and remarkable character. They are cheerful, active, mobile, love walks.

Vesta always in good mood, they are quite appeasable and turned during selection from the uncontrollable hunter into a dog partner.

West Highland White Terriers are brave dogs, and it should be considered too. Each representative of breed is absolutely sure that he – the huge dog and can defeat any. But, certainly, they not such cocky and holerichny, as Jack Russell Terriers or Jagdterriers.

With the dogs living in the same family, vest-haylenda get on well, do not show special jealousy.

of Observation of the manufacturer: How there will be relations with other pets (cats, birds, rodents), depends on many factors, mainly – on education.

Vesta very much like to travel and, as a rule, well transfer the road. My dogs went round the half-world, adore collecting to the road and very much worry if they stay at home.

As well as any other dog, a West Highland White Terrier requires attention from the owner. If you take a puppy or the teenager and for a long time leave it alone, he can miss.

West Highland White Terriers are friendly in relation to children. However when in the house absolutely small child, is better not to take any dog. If the adult costs above a dog on a rank, then small children – at one step in hierarchy, and even below. If nevertheless decided to bring the pet, it is necessary to watch that there was no trouble. Do not leave the kid and the pet unguarded, do not allow the child to stick into a dog with pencils or to climb her in a mouth.

Vesta have pedigree features, however you should not forget that each dog – identity and has the, unique character.

West Highland White Terrier in an Exhibition Rack of a Photo

On a photo: West Highland White Terrier

Education and training of a West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terriers well study, very much love occupations, especially sports (for example, dog agility). And the more with them to be engaged, the more they begin to enjoy.

Care of a West Highland White Terrier

The West Highland White Terrier has rigid wool. On the one hand, many are frightened by need to trim the pet, but on the other hand, the wire-haired dog is convenient in contents. They have no expressed molt and if it is correct to look after a dog (at least 2 – 3 times a year to trim), wool in the apartment will not be in general.

Besides, hair of West Highland White Terriers is not soiled, and the dog always looks attractively.

of Observation of the manufacturer: Vesta are not exacting to walks. Walking 2 – 3 times a day on half an hour quite suits them.

Feeding of a West Highland White Terrier

It is considered that white dogs are inclined to an allergy. But the allergy can be shown in any breed, irrespective of a color. And if to breed West Highland White Terriers of the correct lines, no allergy will exist. They can eat all that is eaten by any normal dog.

Health of a West Highland White Terrier

Buying a puppy, it will be difficult to you to define whether it in itself(himself) bears genetic diseases. It is necessary to know whether parents because there is a number of hereditary diseases which can be shown are healthy. It is atopic dermatitis (similar in manifestations to a severe allergy) a kraniomandibulyarny osteopathy – growth of bones of a skull (fortunately, in Belarus does not meet) allergies.

But in general vest-haylenda are healthy, strong doggies.

What owner is necessary to a West Highland White Terrier?

The West Highland White Terrier suits practically everyone and is convenient for city life. He can become a partner for the elderly person, the devoted friend and the companion on games for the child, the faithful companion on walks. They do not demand too delicate address and are quite hardy.

It is worth being defined, you want a dog or to a bough. Pluses and minuses are in each option.

Recommendation of the manufacturer: If you want to have in the future puppies, of course, it is worth taking the girl. The boy for participation in cultivation has to be very beautiful, breeding, go to exhibitions and win titles. The girl, if she conforms to the standard, it is possible to tie and receive puppies.

Sookie is, as a rule, quieter, than dogs.

Some are confused by a techka, but at West Highland White Terriers, as well as at many small breeds, it is very poorly expressed.

Boys more active are also more inclined to impudent behavior.

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