• Dec 27, 2019
In my opinion, wire-haired fox terriers as they are more elegant, than their sleek-haired relatives are more exhibition dogs. For example, they more often than sleek-haired fox terriers, win "besta" (Титуë Best in show“ — "The best dog of an exhibition " — an editor's note ). Thanks to it the breed for a long time gets divorced not for hunting, namely for a show. It could not but affect character and behavior of dogs.
wire-haired fox terrier

Character of a wire-haired fox terrier

cannot tell At all that wire-haired fox terriers turned into sofa doggies. Wire-haired fox terriers are still got by hunters, that is these dogs did not lose hunting qualities. But nevertheless they not such rigid on character, as sleek-haired fox terriers. Wire-haired fox terriers more balanced, less hazardous. Therefore for the person who wants to bring the partner this breed, in my opinion, is fantastically good.
wire-haired fox terrier
to my younger dog, wire-haired fox terrier, 6 years. She is not afraid of dogs, people or something else, but in life will never fight.
However, hunting fox terriers still go to a hole and get an animal. But some hunters prefer "zhyostik" as it more careful, so, at these dogs is more than chances to survive, than at "freaky" sleek-haired fox terriers.
to relatives my wire-haired fox terrier has no
of Aggression at all. I can let out her to any dogs, even to inclined to aggression. She behaves in communication with them ideally: shows all signs of reconciliation and if attack her, she … just fades! She does not put the tail between the legs, does not squeal, does not answer with aggression, and instead turns away the head and costs, silently. It is bitten, and it does not move. Therefore with it it is not interesting to aggressive dogs. When the aggressor departs, Homs is right there developed and runs to it: a class, it was cheerful, let's play still! After the third unsuccessful attempt to eat it, all begin to be played.
of Homs — the convinced pacifist. I don't even know how it can be provoked to aggression.
However Homs is Homs. Nevertheless the majority of fox terriers remember that they were brought for fight against an animal therefore for many of them a fight (especially for dogs) is a cheerful entertainment. So it is necessary to bring up and socialize a puppy.
of Observation of the expert: The wire-haired fox terrier very delicately behaves with people. Yes, it is all the same the clown, Skoda which "for any you boil" they adore long walks, with pleasure will begin to hunt rats or mice — but at the same time will remain balanced family dogs.
However it does not mean that with them it is not necessary to be engaged. The wire-haired fox terrier will be a convenient family dog at the correct education and enough loading (both physical, and intellectual). It is impossible to neglect education process at all.
wire-haired fox terrier
the Wire-haired fox terrier well gets on with children. We with Homsa go to orphanages, we visit children with special needs, and my dog behaves there very wisely. It intuitively does what dogs in a kanisterapiya are specially taught to.
wire-haired fox terrier
Recommendation of the expert: However, if you take a wire-haired fox terrier in family with children, consider that the natural activity pushes them to rough games. So in family with children 10 years of a wire-haired fox terrier are younger better not to get. And children should teaching to be communicated and played with a dog correctly.
If to accustom a wire-haired fox terrier, he is quite capable to get on with any other animals. Cats run away from my dog, and she wants to catch up with them and to consider closer. Though, perhaps, at a certain stage its game can become quite rigid, but I do not think that it is capable to do some serious harm.

Education and training of a wire-haired fox terrier

the Wire-haired fox terrier perfectly studies. It is easy to motivate it — both on food, and on a toy.
wire-haired fox terrier
of Observation of the expert: A wire-haired fox terrier not such hazardous and motivated as sleek-haired, but he has a stability that is very important, for example, in dog agility. This is a smart command dog and if the handler gives the correct command, she will make everything correctly.
We with Homsa are engaged in
in dog agility and freestyle. And this year practically without trainings she managed to win the dog agility Championship of Belarus according to IFCS (according to FCI there was the second). Just arrived, ran and won.
wire-haired fox terrier

Maintenance and care of a wire-haired fox terrier

Lack of wool in the house — great advantage when keeping a wire-haired fox terrier. If in time to trim it, then there is no wool at all. But if in time not to trim a dog, she will turn into a lump of wool which will begin to pour.
I trim
Ya to Homs 1 time in 2 weeks, but, in principle, 2 — 3 times a year are enough to do of it.
If a wire-haired fox terrier to cut
, wool changes structure and color, gets off in koltuna. Wool becomes soft and ceases to protect a dog.
of Observation of the expert: Correctly processed wool is not only beauty, but also reliable protection against external influences. They easily transfer a heat and cold, wool does not get wet (water just flows down from a dog, as from plastic). It is very convenient. If just to pour on such dog from a shower, she will remain dry.
One more plus of rigid wool — it is not soiled. I wash a dog only to exhibitions (about 1 time in 3 months).
wire-haired fox terrier
of Homs adores water. And it is ready to thrust under water the head (together with ears) and to start up bubbles. Therefore if she will see a pool, it will be all the same that it dirty — by will not pass.
the Wire-haired fox terrier quite has
two times walking, they are capable to suffer.
can Frighten a wire-haired fox terrier, probably, but it is necessary to try very much. And they are not excited in games so that it is impossible to stop.
wire-haired fox terrier

Feeding of a wire-haired fox terrier

All my dogs like to eat
including a wire-haired fox terrier. But you should not overfeed them.

What owner is necessary to a wire-haired fox terrier?

Not nervous. The irritable owner will not find a common language with a wire-haired fox terrier.
puppy of a wire-haired fox terrier
Ya would tell that the rigidity in the address because it in it can provoke aggression from a dog is unacceptable by no means.
Wire-haired fox terriers are very good dogs. But, if to teach them to what the leader is the one who "metelit" all they will begin to do the same.
it is necessary to be able to agree With a wire-haired fox terrier — in this case you will have an ideal dog.
Puppy of a Wire-haired Fox Terrier
of the Photo of a wire-haired fox terrier from personal archive of Olga Krasovskaya

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