• Feb 23, 2019

Animal in the house. At the most inappropriate moment the pet can ache or be traumatized. To give first aid to the pet, of 10 medicines of a vetaptechka need which have to be at home at the owner of a dog. Among them: antiseptics, wound healing, ointments, antivomitive, sorbent, спазмолитик, laxative, antidiarrheal, eye drops and antihistaminic tablets.

10 medicines of a vetaptechka which have to be at home at the owner of a dog

of Antiseptics is irreplaceable means. If are damaged mucous, then apply Hlorgeksidin, and at superficial wounds use Betadin's solution. It is necessary to remember that if the wound is strongly polluted, then in the beginning it is well cleaned. In it solution will help with bottles of sodium chloride.

If ointment which contains an antibiotic in structure is necessary, then it is possible to buy Levomekol. Less budgetary option is Baneotsin. can distinguish the following From means which heal wounds:

  • Ebermin;
  • D-pantenol;
  • Bepanten.

At the majority of poisonings usual activated carbon will help. The standard dosage makes úÓ/kg the weight of a dog therefore it is recommended to prepare powder for suspension.

can Also be got Polisorb or Enterosgel. If there are a spastic lock or a syndrome of the angry intestines, apply spazmolitik.

the Most effective are:

  • papaverine hydrochloride;
  • No-shpa.

10 medicines of a vetaptechka which have to be at home at the owner of a dog

At chemical or medicinal poisoning medicine should be accepted in the first two hours after penetration of active agents inside. The most available and effective medicine for a call of vomiting is hydrogen peroxide.

At severe diarrhea animal Smekt can give. are distinguished From eye drops which contain an antibiotic in structure:

  • Tsiprolet;
  • Floksal;
  • Тобрекс.

Antihistaminic medicines help not to allow hypostasis of airways and will save a dog from unpleasant symptoms. the Most effective are:

  • Loratadin;
  • Телфаст;
  • Zirtek;
  • Tavegil.

10 medicines of a vetaptechka

At a long lock use microenemas of Mikrolaks. They begin to act instantly. At a short koprostaz it is recommended to use vaseline oil or Duphalac.

Owners of dogs should stock up with the transferred funds in advance. So they will be able quickly to help if necessary the pet and in time to prevent serious consequences for health.

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