• Mar 20, 2019

the Unpleasant feeling of burning and irritation is considered a common cause which owners of pets face. For determination of pathogenesis the animal needs to be shown to the veterinarian. Experts allocate 10 most frequent the itch reasons at dogs: their number includes fleas, hypodermic parasites, food allergy, dermatitis, inflammatory processes, infections.

About 10 Most Frequent Reasons of an Itch at Dogs

Aetiology of diseases

At infection with fleas, vlasoyeda, ixodic pincers the discomfort begins to develop. It is connected not with a sting, and with reaction to saliva of ektoparazit. The inflammation of skin and a raschyosa provoked by similar reaction are called flea dermatitis.

It is diagnosed by

in 50−80% of cases of all skin pathologies.

Other causes of an allergy:

Aetiology of Developing of an Itch at Dogs

  1. Hypodermic or intracutaneous parasites. They are activators with toxic and allergic influence.
  2. Food allergy. Develops after the use of the forbidden product.
  3. Dermatitis of an atopic form . It is connected with contact with any chemical compound: pollen, household chemicals, cosmetics.
  4. Dermatitis of nevrogenny pathogenesis. Develops after a stress.
  5. Pathologies of internals which is followed by the increased sweating as are provoked by an itch.
  6. leads Inflammation of some glands to frequent raschesa in the field of an anus.
  7. Presence of a fungal or bacterial infection of skin.

veterinarians carry tumors of mammary glands, infection with worms, problems with a thyroid gland To other reasons.

From all parts of a body the animal scratches ears more often . It indicates their inflammation, an allergy, existence of a foreign matter in ears, a trauma, an infection, invasions.

Diagnostic manipulations

To reveal an exact etiology of the phenomenon, the veterinarian examines the sick pet, interviews the owner. Diagnostic manipulations are carried out. Bacterial crops of material from the place of defeat concern the main. Other methods of inspection:

The Itch Reasons at Dogs

  1. Microscopy of scrape of an integument.
  2. Histology and cytology for the purpose of an oncology confirmation/denial.
  3. The diet — is specially developed a diet of a dog for several weeks. At disappearance of an itch it is recommended to feed the pet with an initial diet which contains allergen. For its exception it is necessary to remove gradually from the menu on one component.

If the source of reaction is revealed, the allergoproba is carried out .

on the basis of the received results is appointed treatment.

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