• Mar 28, 2019

Though the allergy is rather widespread disease, its emergence at the favourite is capable to surprise owners. It causes to the pet a lot of discomfort. To reveal it at a canine friend, it is necessary to be able to notice in due time 6 main symptoms of an allergy at dogs.

Symptoms of an allergy at dogs: hypostases, itch

What is an allergy

The allergy often occurs both in people, and in animals. It represents reaction of an organism to contact with so-called allergen, that is the factor causing specific processes. This disease meets at dogs in various variations therefore allocate:

What Signs Will Specify that at a Dog an Allergy

  1. A food version — it is connected with intolerance of some component in food. It is the most widespread look.
  2. Reaction to pollen of plants, dust pincers or mold.
  3. A contact version — appears when the animal contacts to some subject or material — plastic, for example.

disease Symptoms

It is rather simple to define at the pet presence of a disease — enough attentively to examine it. The main symptom of a disease — the dog often and with big intensity of scratches. You should not underestimate this phenomenon. Of course, a skin itch can be also caused by existence of fleas . However, if to exclude this probability, the sign demonstrates that it is allergic reaction.

Allergy at a Dog

it is the best of all to notice precisely in what circumstances it occurs that during the subsequent reception at the veterinarian it could receive exact data.

The second symptom — small reddenings, crusts and even baldness in some places on a body. It can be very dangerous because such places become very sensitive and vulnerable to infections.

One more symptom — the dog suffers from inflammation of ears. She can scratch more often them.

Should examine a body of a dog. At an allergy it becomes edematous.

If from the pet the unpleasant smell proceeds, it can speak about development of allergic reaction, for example, to food too.

Can be noted unusual allocations from a nose or ears.

Such symptoms are an accurate signal that it is necessary to go with the pet to the veterinarian. Special attention needs to be paid on a muzzle of a dog, his paw and also space between claws because exactly there are described phenomena.

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