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To take the thrown dog from a shelter – it is unconditional, the noble decision. However a part of dogs comes back to a shelter again and again or again it is unnecessary. It occurs, as a rule, because new owners are not ready to those changes which such dog will bring in their life.

The main thing what it is necessary to remember: if you expect that you will get Lessi or the Commissioner Rex, from the first day ready to follow you in fire and in water, then you are waited by disappointment. But if you are ready to put forces and time in that to gain trust dogs and to create attachment, without "hanging up" freight of the overestimated expectations on the new friend – chances of success are high.

Stages of adaptation of a dog from a shelter to new family


That happens to a dog

What to do to the owner

of 1 - 2 day

begin to be shown by

of the Problem to which the dog is inclined. The dog can be apathetic or hyperactive.

First of all, allow a dog to get used to the house. It seems to you that it is necessary to surround it with attention and care, but it not so: the dog can see threat in your persistence. The less you pay attention to the new friend, the better.

3 – 4 days

the Dog gradually begins to show interest in surrounding, behaves more quietly, sleeps better. But here it is not ready to play yet. Also can refuse food.

the pet will apprehend

of Walk with gratitude, but they have to pass only on a lead. The dog can pull – it at this stage is normal, can begin training, using a positive reinforcement . Avoid any punishments. If the dog eats, it is possible to feed a part of a day diet from hands, and then to use as encouragement for the executed command (certainly if the dog is not aggressive and it is safe).

2 weeks

the Dog begins to show the first signs of attachment. She can follow you on heels, lick hands, refuse to remain alone. If there is indoors one, can howl, spoil things, urinate.

Accustom a dog to loneliness. In the beginning leave one for a minute, then gradually increase time. Also you remember: during this period — any punishments!

2 weeks – 3 months

the Dog chooses by

"the" person and refuses to communicate with others. To the new owner it is extremely attached.

Remember that the attachment cannot develop to all family members at the same time. While the new member of "pack" builds up the relationship with "electee", will only stand others (at best), and even to banish or avoid. If all family understands it and will not stick to a dog or to behave threateningly, gradually it will become attached to and to other family members.

Give to a dog time

of 3 - 12 months

Attachment gradually develops. The dog knows what to expect from you, and itself becomes more predictable. You begin to trust each other, the first sprouts of mutual understanding appear.

it is important to valign= "top" to consider

that the behavior of a dog constantly changes and not to be frightened. As a rule, by the end of the first year the behavior is stabilized.

Why it is useful for

to know how there takes place adaptation of a dog from a shelter to new family?

In Belarus there is no statistics of return of dogs to shelters, however it is in other countries. As a rule, 25% of the returned dogs appear in a shelter within the first week, 14% — within the second week, and within six months return about 10% of dogs. It occurs because, having seen problems in the first days, people consider what so will be always, are disappointed and become despondent.

Happens that the dog from the very first days feels in new family as at home, but it – it is rather, an exception, than governed. The dog needs time. Give her this time!

 dog mongrel
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If you know how there is a process of adaptation and that later the situation, most likely, will improve, it will be simpler to you to endure the initial problem stage, not to despair and, eventually, to receive the loyal, reliable friend.

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