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you decided that the wild dog will become your pet? Means, it is necessary to be defined what to begin adaptation of a wild dog to life in family with. What have to be the first steps?

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How to be prepared for appearance of a wild dog in family?

So, the wild dog is caught by . What do we do next?

First of all there is a strong wish to strongly recommend to use the catching moment (often wild dogs are caught by means of a dart with sleeping pill) in order that to put on a dog ammunition (a breast-band, it is possible for steam: breast-band + collar). At putting on of ammunition be convinced that it lies on a dog rather freely, does not rub (consider that, most likely, in the next two week the dichok will recover). Existence on a dog of ammunition will help us to control better it in the course of an operating time of contact with the person, also an opportunity to put on ammunition while the dog is in somnolence, helps to avoid an additional stress which at an obligatory case will be present at attempts to put a collar or a breast-band on the dog who is in the awake state. And a stress in the first days at the savage will be and so enough.

By the way, speaking about a stress: I recommend during the first – two weeks after catching to give to a dog a course soothing for maintenance of nervous system. The caught dichok gets into a situation, absolutely stressful for it: not only that it was caught, withdrawn from an environment, clear for it, deprived of communication with members of its pack (if the caught dog lived in pack), it was ground to the strange room filled with smells of a being, unclear meanwhile for it, who imposes the communication which is based by unclear rules for a dog. And our task in this process: to become as much as possible clear to a dog, to explain to her that this biped orthograde – not the enemy, but the friend.

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I will honestly tell that I consider that placement to a wild dog in a shelter, in series of open-air cages with various dogs where a dog the minimum human attention at constant change of people, this attention is paid to it paying – not the best option. I would even tell – bad option.

Why? The disoriented animal gets on Wednesday, absolutely new to it, she does not know the person as a look, perceives it as unclear, most likely, dangerous to her, a being. These beings change every day. They come for several minutes and leave. There is not enough time for knowledge of a new object in dog life. Around there are a lot of various smells, noise. As a result the dog plunges into a long condition of a stress – a distress.

And here everything depends on each specific dog: I knew charity wild dogs who "hung" the whole day on a captive cage, of bark and rushing on passing by people, filling in space with saliva, choking with constant bark. Knew as well those who went "to a depression" — were lost by interest in the events, refused a forage, for days on end lay in the "lodge" which is in the open-air cage without coming to light. As you understand, similar psychological state does not promote desire to come into contact with an alien look.

my experience with wild dogs shows that "it is necessary to forge iron still hotly", that is the dog needs to be put into operation right after capture.

If we allow a dog "to retire into oneself", without helping it to come for contact, the cortisol level (stress hormone) in blood at a dog constantly increases that, eventually, slightly earlier or a bit later, will lead to problems with health (most often this decrease in immunity, problems of dermatological character, a problem with a GIT and an urinogenital system).

Proceeding from everything told, I consider what an optimal solution for placement of a wild dog after capture is or open-air cage in the territory of the private house, or the certain room in the house/apartment .

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Why we speak about the lonely room. I already mentioned how the dog perceives current situation: at the beginning a new stage of her life it is surrounded with stress sources, anywhere and everywhere. As the respite, and a dog is necessary for the person after intensive day. Yes, we have to acquaint a dog with the person, every day, but everything is good moderately – it is necessary to have a rest from the person too. The dog receives this opportunity to have a rest in silence and rest, an opportunity to remain one, having remained in the closed open-air cage or the room.

Of course, is more preferable to allocate to a dog the room in premises: so, even remaining alone, she hears house sounds, gets used to vocalic modulations of the person, to a sound of its steps, she has an opportunity to sniff and get used to house smells.

"Drop hollows out a stone" whether you know. The more the dog will begin to understand about the device of the human world and society, the will become quieter her . The more predictabilities, the there is more understanding of what will occur at the next moment, the it is more than confidence and the quiet relation.

At the same time if the behavior of a dog allows to take it on a lead and to bring to the street , I very much recommend to begin to bring a dog to long walks at once, without allowing it "to get stuck in a comfort zone". There is such risk: a dog, perceiving the room in which is and in which everything is clear to her, as base of safety, refuses to come to light. In that case, practically from 80% confidence eventually we will receive the wild dog who is not wishing to go outside. Yes, the wild dog who is afraid of the street – it is too. But at once I will calm: it is treated too.

Actually the majority of wild dogs stays in the first days in such condition of fear of the person that to take a dog on a lead and stories on the street can be dangerous: the dog for fear can attack, so-called, aggression of fear.

How to equip the place for a wild dog?

It is important correct to prepare the place for a wild dog.

We make a start from the fact that the person at this stage for a dog – an alien and unclear look the room in which she is also others. Give we to a dog the chance of the choice, at this stage it with pleasure would return to the usual environment. Meanwhile it in prison. And in this hostile situation we have to create a rest corner .

I recommend to have it at a wall, opposite to a door, it is better than on diagonal from a door . In that case, if the dog is not ready to meet the person yet, she has an opportunity to avoid communication along walls. Also in that case we do not appear indoors suddenly for a dog - she sees the opening door and appearance of the person. And the similar location of the place allows us to approach a dog not in a straight line who is perceived by a dog as threat, and on a conciliatory arch.

The corner assumes existence of a stove bench and lodge . The lodge is necessary for us as the intermediate stage of adaptation: the lodge is almost a hole in which it is possible to take refuge. And there is no , in my opinion, a lodge better, than a table . Yes, table. Not the doghouse, not closed lodge, not carrying or a cage, namely a table.

The closed lodges, cages, carryings – all this is remarkable, but … quite often they "suck in" their inhabitant: the dog avoiding contact with the person (and it is practically any wild dog at the beginning of the way of adaptation) very quickly understands that in a lodge she is in rescue. The lodge creates feeling of complete security and in attempt to get a dog from it, she, most likely, will be protected – there is no place to run it, she is imprisoned in own lodge, and towards to it the terrible hand lasts. But we all know that a lodge – the zone free from encroachments, huh?

And all the same TABLE! Because initially it can be put in a room corner, having propped up from the third party a chair , for example. So we create a tryokhstenny lodge: two walls and chair. At the same time we leave open one of the long parties of a table that the dog had to watch the person, to consider it in all its aspects that the dog could not leave him "deep into holes".

Especially timid dogs on the first few days it is possible from above and to hang up a cloth so that edges a little (but a little) were given from a table-top – to priopusty blinds.

Our task during the work with a dog – it is constant to get it from a comfort zone towards to "bright future", but to do it softly and gradually , without forcing an event and without going too far.

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Over time (usually on it 2 – 3 days leave) the third wall (short) can be removed, having left a table in a room corner. Thus in our lodge there are two walls: we open for a dog more and more ways for contact with the world and the person who lives in this world. Usually at this stage we enter also finding of the person in close proximity with a lodge in which there is a dog.

Then we remove a table from a wall in such a way that we leave to in a lodge one wall (at the long party).

How to begin domestication of a wild dog?

One more important, in my opinion, moment: I very much recommend that at first one person was engaged in a dog in . Not all family, but one person, ideally, woman.

The researches conducted in shelters of various countries show that dogs adapt to a female timbre of a voice, melodiousness with which women often talk to dogs, to smooth movements and women's touches quicker.

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Why same person? You remember, we already said that the person at this stage of work is perceived by a dog as an alien, unclear look, the such strange newcomer. To ourselves, at acquaintance to newcomers, it would be simpler and it is not so terrible to study one representative of group, than to be the surrounded several beings, each of which strange moves, considers us and makes sounds which sense we can only guess.

We at first acquaint a dog with one representative of a human look, we teach her to what this strange being – quite peaceful and the evils and pains does not bear. Then we explain that there is a lot of people, they look differently, but it is not necessary to be afraid of them even if they are bearded.

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