• Mar 5, 2019

Ability to stand for itself at animals in blood. In spite of the fact that dogs closely contact to the person already more than 10 thousand years, their wild instincts can be shown at any time. That the dog did not do much harm to family members and other pets, his behavior needs to be controlled. Cynologists allocate 10 main reasons for aggression of a domestic dog, each of which gives in to correction.


Aggression can arise for various reasons. Experts allocate at zhiuvotny ten types of the behavior differing in readiness for attack on the opponent:

The Embittered Dog

Owner and Aggressive Dog

Protection of Posterity

  1. Prepotent. In attempt of the owner to order a dog, it becomes embittered. It is necessary to set restrictions for the pet, showing at the same time hardness. For example, not to sleep on a bed. The pet should not feel the main thing in family .
  2. Food. If the dog growls at meal time on passing by people, it is necessary to accustom "to Wait" for her at the team of the owner to interrupt a meal. After a while it is necessary to order It "is possible" and to allow the pet to eat up food.
  3. Intraspecific — aggression in relation to same-sex relatives. It is possible to eliminate thirst for the competition by means of castration or soothing medicines.
  4. Territorial. The animal rushes on all who come on its territory. To correct behavior, the pet has to complete courses on protection of the site . Bark on passersby has to be under a ban.
  5. Proprietary. Is a consequence of lack of hierarchy in family. The dog can appropriate any subject and not give it. The owner has to let an animal know that all things in the house belong to people and without the permission of them it is impossible to touch.
  6. Protective. The dog can protect the owner or any object. At the same time even she perceives usual handshake negatively. Such reaction can be prevented, acquainting the favourite with new people and animals and suppression of his rage.
  7. Injurious. It is most brightly expressed at hunting breeds which can perceive children as production. To avoid the tragedy, the pet needs to be trained in the main teams .
  8. Caused by fear. It is peculiar for the weakened or uncertain animals in own forces. Such dog needs to be socialized, shown it that factors which she considers dangerous actually will not do it harm.
  9. Maternal. Some pregnant women and the boughs which are bringing up puppies do not admit to kids of people and rush on everyone who will approach too close. In this case you should not disturb the alumna, otherwise she can kill a puppy.
  10. Game. It is shown at the growing-up dogs. Slightly biting the owner by a hand, the puppy tries to find out hierarchical situation . The similar behavior needs to be stopped, at once stopping a game.

it is necessary to be engaged in Training of a dog as soon as possible. It will allow to avoid incorrect behavior.

A having faced aggression from the pet, the owner has to understand what errors it allowed in education of an animal.

should teach the favourite to constrain after that the emotions.

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