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the Dog the Alaskan Kai of a kla pass - it is breed of dogs, being darling reduced by the copy huskies. To those dog breeders who always dreamed to get charming blue-eyed huskies, but could not afford it because of a small living space, it is worth paying attention to the Alaskan Kai of a kla. These amusing tiny huskies perfectly will be suitable for contents in the small-sized apartment.

Alaskan Kai of a kla: description of breed, character, contents

History of origin of breed

Thanks to persistence and laborious work of Linda Sparling the dog of a kla Kai was brought. In the seventies last century Linda together with the spouse went to relatives to the United States. Here, in the State of Oklahoma, Linda also met unusual pass huskies of a gray-white color. Spouses fell in love with a doggie and asked relatives to give it of Rodina Lindy there was Alaska and exactly there it and took away the new pet with the purpose to remove new breed of dog. Ahead Linda was waited by long and laborious work as a result of which the Alaskan Kai's breed of a kla was removed. Quite long time the manufacturer did not show to general public of result the of hard work, but soon she allowed the acquaintance to make a fotossesiya of pretty puppies and to send them to the United States.

The journalist who carried out this fotossesiya tried to persuade Linda to show to the general public new breed of dog. At that time at the manufacturer about 30 adult individuals already lived in the house, and after much persuasion she decided to present one of Kai' kla to the friends for Christmas. Ever since the Alaskan kl of Kaya became one of the most desired dogs, and Linda's phone was literally broken off from calls – all wanted to get amusing pass huskies. Kli Kai was on sale only the electee as Linda perfectly understood that new owners will try to part independently pets. The manufacturer did not want that the thoroughbredness of breed was lost and therefore she created the standard for the Alaskan Kai of a kla.

Soon also the American pedigree club was founded, and dwarfish huskies it was entered in the register of the Film logical Union of America. Manufacturers only under Linda's control could be engaged in cultivation of a new pedigree dog or they were obliged to sterilize the pet. In several years of a kla Kai pass gained recognition and it was entered in the register of the film logical union.

Alaskan Kai of a kla: description of breed, character, contents

Appearance of the Alaskan Kai of a kla

Many fans of dogs confuse Alaskan huskies with Siberian Huskies. There is it because ancestors кликаев are not only the Alaskan huskies, but also Siberian. Despite external similarity with primogenitors, the Alaskan kl of Kaya have obvious visual differences. The initial distinction is, of course, the sizes of doggies. Kli Kai, unlike the ancestors, quite small size and about at 10-25 cm in lower than growth

Kli Kai is a dog quite young, and the breed still continues to be improved. the dog Class directly depends on his growth and weight. So, growth of a dog of a class of that happens up to 32 cm, and weight – up to 4 kg. Dogs of a class pass in growth reach up to 38 cm, in weight – up to 7 kg, and the standard, in growth – up to 44 cm, in weight – up to 10 kg. As for a color, the Alaskan Kai of a kla can have it only 3 types. The standard allows gray-white (from light till saturated gray color), red-white (all brown shades including cervine color) and black-and-white.

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all representatives of breed have to have a contrast mask. welcomes existence of a strip of white color which divides a color of a forehead and specks of a light shade over eyes of a doggie.

The snow-white color is allowed by the standard, but the Alaskan kl of Kaya with such color of wool are disqualified from cultivation, and in breeding work have no right to participate.

Representatives of this breed of dog have a dense underfur which it dumps during a molt. As for wool, 2 types, such as standard short-haired and long-haired are officially registered.

Alaskan Kai of a kla: description of breed, character, contents

Character of a dog

Between Alaskan kl of borders and a Siberian Huskies exist not only obvious visual, but also considerable differences in character. If Siberian Huskies quite stubborn and capricious dogs, then in comparison with them Kaya's kl appeasable and trustful doggies. They are quite often compared also to cats thanks to their habit, unusual for dogs, to wash a muzzle front pads.

Representatives of this breed of dog perfectly get on with other pets and love small children therefore big families can bring them. Besides the Alaskan kl of Kaya very warmly and gently concern newborn children. To strangers friendly pass huskies belong very watchfully, but if the dog sees that the owner treats foreign person friendly, then and she quickly changes the relation.

Lai at representatives of this breed very unusual . But the Alaskan kl of Kaya most often bark, showing aggression and therefore such behavior needs to be adjusted from early age.

These dogs are first of all partners and therefore long separation from the favourite owner is not transferred. To the people conducting an active image, huskies of a kla of Kaya d not podonut, and they seriously should think of acquisition of other pedigree dog. Character at tiny huskies loveful, good-natured, and they very quickly become attached to the owner.

Alaskan Kai of a kla: description of breed, character, contents

of Feature of training and education

Despite the insignificant sizes, the Alaskan Kai of a kla needs physical activities, timely education and full competent training. It is necessary for a puppy tiny huskies and early socialization. At its absence the pretty Kai of a kla who is by nature allocated not with coward character can begin to show unreasonable aggression and to become uncontrollable.

dogs of this breed and uncommon mind Are allocated therefore training and regular trainings is necessary for them. It is desirable for owner to decide on that sport in which he will be engaged with tiny huskies as soon as possible. As puppies quickly enough and with ease acquire any kinds of sport, trainings will not deliver to the owner of special difficulties. Kai' kl consider the most popular sports for Alaskan frisbee, dog agility, freestyle and a baykdzhoring.

Alaskan Kai of a kla: description of breed, character, contents

Leaving and maintenance

The small size of this charming pet allows to support him even in the small city apartment. But it is not recommended to hold a doggie within four walls extremely as to it, as well as her tall relatives, it is necessary to dump energy. The lack of long walks and trainings will lead to the fact that the doggie will begin to destroy master's furniture.

You should not forget also about toys which are especially necessary during change of milk teeth. Dwarfish huskies can be taken with themselves on a reservoir, to do together with it favourite sports and to use various teams in order that the pet could dump the collected energy quicker.

the Alaskan kl of Kaya like to dig the earth , doggies can do underminings to run away from the site. For this reason if the doggie lives in a country house and freely walks across the nearby territory, it is necessary to look after it. After walks it is necessary to examine eyes, a nose and auricles of a pet on existence of possible pollution. If the doggie guesses nearby a small rodent, it will begin to break off violently the earth in his search. The meeting with a rat which is a carrier of various infections can end for the Alaskan Kai of a kla is very deplorable therefore it is necessary to watch it carefully during walks. From a lead it is undesirable to lower tiny huskies too as doggies are very curious and can run away and involuntarily get lost.

Alaskan Kai of a kla: description of breed, character, contents

Plus, rather considerable for many potential owners, is that the Alaskan Kai' wool of a kla does not possess a characteristic unpleasant smell (only on condition of the correct feeding). Besides representatives of this nature are quite clean and accurate and are not inclined to such addictions as digging in garbage or fulling in dirt.

In leaving dwarfish huskies are not exacting too at all. Care of wool standard also consists in combing which needs to be carried out once a week. As for water procedures, thanks to cleanliness of these pedigree dogs they need to be seen off not more often than 2-3 times a year. Nevertheless during a molt the hair of a pet needs to be combed out every day as the departing underfur most often becomes the reason of formation of koltun which cause discomfort to the pet, lead to dermatitis and other skin diseases. Ears, eyes and claws need to be examined periodically and if necessary to put in order.

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In food breed of a kla of Kaya are unpretentious. As representatives of this breed quite active dogs, their diet has to be by all means balanced and nutritious. It is possible to choose any way of feeding, but it is not recommended to mix them. Natural food should not consist only of soft food as such food will lead to formation of a scale. The industrial dry or tinned feed has to be obligatory not below a premium class.

At observance of all rules on leaving and keeping of the pet tiny huskies will live long life especially as its average duration – from 15 to 17 years.

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