• Jan 23, 2020

Care of an Alaskan malamute has features which need to be considered. And a lot of things depend on where there lives a dog: in the country or in the city apartment.

the Important part of care of an Alaskan malamute — the correct care of wool.

If the Alaskan malamute lives in the house, wool will not demand special leaving. These dogs are capable to put "fur coat" in order, they are enough to be combed three times a week.
However during a molt (2 times a year, in the spring and in the fall) wool needs to be combed out carefully every day. Otherwise the dog "will acquire" koltuna, and the apartment will remind factory on wool processing.
the malamute very intensively Fades, at them it is a lot of wool. For cleaning it is better to use the vacuum vacuum cleaner.
Wash malamutes only in case of need. They are rather clean and almost do not smell.
After bathing of a malamute needs to be wiped a towel and to dry up the hair dryer.

Heat the Alaskan malamute transfers
badly therefore it is better for them not to be in the sun in the summer not to receive heatstroke. But it is impossible to cut these dogs.
In hot weather physical activities are contraindicated to a malamute – the organism of a dog can not cope with them. However do not forget that a malamute – the inhabitant of the North and during a heat shows hot interest in bathing.
Is important also hygienic care of an Alaskan malamute.
Regularly examine claws of a dog and if necessary (as a rule, once a month) cut them with the special nail clipper.
Once a week wipe eyes.
Approximately needs to clean once a month ears.
needs to brush Teeth special toothpaste 3 – 4 times in a week. Paste is applied on a brush or on a gauze napkin. Teeth are cleaned with circular motions.
Alaskan malamutes are quite healthy dogs, however at them the allergy therefore carefully choose a forage can develop. It has to be quality.
the Correct care of an Alaskan malamute is inconceivable without competently organized walking. Walks have to be long and intensive. It is necessary to walk with a malamute at least 2 hours every day. However 2 hours are only a vital minimum, and the more it will carry out time on the street, the better. Run with a dog or take with yourself on cyclings. It is desirable to teach the pet to carry for itself different objects.
the Alaskan malamute – the active, vigorous dog who is badly adapted for the room contents. And when will break loose from "imprisonment", will spend surplus of energy for a pursuit of cats or digging of huge holes. Much more comfortably these dogs feel in a country house. But you watch that the malamute did not make undermining and did not run away in search of adventures.

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