• Dec 3, 2019

As a rule, health of the American Akita is not alarming at owners. In general the American Akita — a hardy and healthy dog. However the breed nevertheless has predisposition to a number of diseases:
  • Zavorot of guts (abdominal distension). This dangerous state which can end with death of a dog. Prevention: feeding in the fractional portions, the ban of active movements right after food.
  • Progressive atrophy of a retina of eyes. In this case the sight worsens, up to a total blindness. Treatment often does not yield results.
  • Entropy (заворот century). The edge of the lid is sprained to an eyeball, at the same time eyelashes injure a conjunctiva and cause inflammatory process. Is eliminated by means of operation.
  • Ektropiya (eversion century). A part of a century (or an eyelid entirely) it is turned out outside and droops. Is eliminated by means of operation.
  • Dysplasia of coxofemoral joints. For diagnostics X-ray (for the American akit 18 months are not younger) when joints are completely created is used. To the dogs who passed test the international certificate is issued.
  • Violations of tooth enamel.
  • Gipoterioz (congenital insufficiency of function of a thyroid gland). At a dog the behavior changes, aggression or cowardice develops. Skin problems (baldness or dermatitis) are possible. Diagnostics includes blood test, hormonal treatment is appointed.
  • Allergic reactions (most often reddening of skin between fingers or under a tail). Treatment: change of a diet, stay and exception of allergen. Consider that the allergy can be not obligatory on a forage, but also, for example, on shampoo.
  • Dermatitis — skin inflammation, as a rule, owing to a wound or a trauma. If the dog combs the struck places, the situation is aggravated.
If seemed to you that the American Akita badly feels, behaves inertly or refuses food, as soon as possible address the veterinarian!

On a photo: dogs of breed American Akita "

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