• Dec 3, 2019

The history of breed the American Akita is very curious.
American an Akita have quite long story. In Japan in the 17th century there were dogs of Akita Matagi who were used both for hunting for a large animal, and for cruel dog fights.

generally akit parted in palaces of the nobility, at the same time developed a set of rituals on feeding of dogs and care of them. Each dog had "servant" who wore a special uniform with special jewelry.

in the middle of the 19th century of these dogs began to cross to mastiffs and a Tosa Inu, and according to some data — also to the German mastiffs, bulldogs and St. Bernards thanks to what dogs became larger, athletically put and brave.

In 1908 forbade dog fights, and a part of owners began to refuse pets, just throwing out them on streets. The most terrible epidemic of rage burst. However, despite everything, the breed not only remained, but also continued to improve.

In 1931 9 best dogs received a title of "Natural monuments".

However World War II nearly destroyed breed. Dogs were used as a fur source for regimentals of military, German shepherds who were used on military service became the only "inviolable" breed. For maintaining breed an Akita of dogs took out to mountains and hid there and also flowed blood of German shepherds. As result, after war 3 intra pedigree types appeared akit:
  • Matagi Akita
  • Shepherd's Akita
  • Fighting Akita
Enthusiasts put a lot of effort to correct this tangled situation, having minimized influence of other breeds and having restored pedigree characteristics.

the American military brought a great number of representatives of breed in the USA. An Akita proved to be as the clever dogs capable it is easy to adapt to any conditions therefore quickly began to gain popularity.

In 1952 registered the first association of fans of breed, and in 1972 it was recognized by AKS. However, as the American and Japanese clubs did not recognize each other family trees, it was impossible to include the Japanese dogs in cultivation. As a result, an Akita, divorced in the USA, by 1955 began to differ from the Japanese relatives strongly. The standard of breed was revised in 1965 and in 1972. Consent with the Japanese club of dog breeding on mutual recognition of dogs was reached in 1992

In 1999 FCI "Akita" officially divided breed into two independent breeds: Akita (Akita Inu) and big Japanese dog (American Akita).
the American Akita is allocated with high sentry qualities, they are born security guards. At the same time dogs are judicious and quiet, do not show unreasonable aggression.

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